One Young World impact: from Bangkok to Ottawa

During the closing ceremony of One Young World Summit 2015 I wrote my pledge on the ribbon, symbolizing newfound me as One Young World Ambassador, to maximize the impact and double the actions I do for fostering change.

In less than two months I found myself fitting in my new responsibilities as One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Eastern Europe and Asia. For eight months I was able to travel across assigned region meeting One Young World Ambassadors and creating new points of cooperation. This was an experience beyond my expectations. I did even more than I have pledged to.  Each and every person I have met for the first time or those with whom I connected last year deserve a separate article and are truly devoted leaders and passionate activists.

One of such connection led me to the organization of an international training course on eradication of extremism and xenophobia among youth. It was hosted by “Armenian Progressive Youth” and its head – Grigor Yeritsyan, Returning Ambassador from Armenia and conducted by “Youth to Youth Initiative”, action oriented youth organization that I have co-founded. It was a week long activating course exploring the threat of extremism, ways of radicalization and the power of narrative, youth-led initiatives in the process of de-radicalization.

I was so inspired last year in Bangkok by the speech of Maajid Nawaz that it made me think how I can connect my rich academic background in this field with my work for the development and sustainability of the global youth community. Maajid Nawaz’s powerful performance and intense Q&A section during the internal session become a driving force and one of the brightest memories.

This year I expect the session “In and Out of Extremism” by Mr. Nawaz to be one of the most memorable ones and will draw the most actual questions related to extremism and people affected by populism and anti-immigration sentiments who fall into a very dangerous rhetoric. This phenomenon is on the rise in the world and the youth is the most affected by it. “#ExtremelyTogether: Kofi Annan Foundation Initiative” is another session that surely draws the attention to the importance of countering extremism and violence, and will give some opportunities for engagement and meaningful actions.

Maajid Nawaz

Among other brilliant speakers and unforgettable performances, One Young World Summit will definitely amaze you with the amount of like-minded people. It is all about networking and it is important to utilize the short time you are given to the most of it. I am sure that the people you will meet and connect with during the Summit will change your life and bring you and your impactful work to the whole new level. I wish you a very fruitful time and the power to keep the inspiration you will receive during the Summit through the next year!

Saida Ibrahimava, the One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Eastern Europe and Asia. She is the Director of Projects Development of Youth to Youth Action Hub - an innovative online system for the development and successful implementation of socially beneficial ideas, concepts, start-ups, projects and initiatives created by youth and for youth. 

Published on 28/09/2016