One Young World Summit 2012 - Jamie Oliver on stage with Food Revolution

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One Young World Ambassador Ashleigh Rolle reports on Jamie Oliver's session

The one thing anyone can say about Jamie Oliver is that he gets you to think. He gets you to think about every single molecule of any fattening thing that you've ever eaten in the short span of your lifetime, but that's a good thing.

The Food Revolution Panel for One Young World was filled with so many exemplary figures that I highly doubt that my little fingers and average mind can do them justice. This panel consisting of Michael Bakker the Director of Global Food Services Google, Kim Kessler a woman who has done extraordinary work on Food policy in the office of the mayor of New York,

Dr.Michael Parkinson Senior medical Director UPMC health plan, Lilia Smelkova the Food day campaign manager, Eilis O'reilly of the Harvard school of public health, Mark Crumpacker

Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle (a restaurant I absolutely wish would just come to The Bahamas) and then Mr. Jamie Oliver himself.

The session started with Jamie running like a madman through the auditorium trying to get as many delegates and ambassadors to tell him about food issues that they felt most impacted their countries in the worst ways- one of those addresses being my own on food wastage.  The delegates were addressed by the panel about the work that they do but they were also assured by Jamie that our concerns, were there’s as well.

It was made known by the panel that it is not only up to governments and corporations to end this massive paroxysm of food illiteracy that affects us world wide but it is also up to us the youth, this One Young World family to create action projects that radically combats against the world’s latest nuclear weapon, Obesity.

Jamie has placed a challenge on the One Young World delegates and ambassadors to surprise him, to do something that is out of the box to literally rattle communities and contribute to the Food Revolution in a way that makes the world’s food issues known and cared about.

Food Day takes place on May 17th 2013 and anybody that is interesting in eradicating the one thing that can actually be prevented, and that is diseases and death as a direct result of food illiteracy and obesity are encouraged to sign up for it at, I know I already have.