The Paris Agreement: What is at stake for the USA?


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The Paris Agreement is a first - the biggest global compact in human history; 197 countries have signed it and 110 have ratified it as of today. Millennials and Gen Z's in every single country in the world agree that it's the most important thing our governments can do for us.

That it has taken governments this long is a tragedy, but now that it's been signed, it should be a sacred covenant between incumbent leaders all over the world and their young people- saving lives and cities and countries for them, for everyone.

Concerns mount as the most innovative and successful country on the planet might walk away from this crucial and wonderful achievement. Any businessman anywhere can see that, for governments, this is the job creation opportunity of the century - all it will take is the right legislation. With both houses in the hands of his party and a mandate to "Make" his country "Great Again" President-elect Trump has the chance to lead on the most important global agreement in history. He's a great businessman but he could be a great leader too.

Come on Mr. Trump, ask your children what they think. The Chinese government gets it but the USA could make saving the whole planet a reality and make even more profit out of it than China.