A view to the future: 5 Ambassador stories from #WEFLIVE


1. Personal well-being vs selfie culture: why you need to re-evaluate your digital mirror

There is nothing wrong with ambition or bettering your life in line with personal goals – but if we are working towards unattainable ideals of beauty and a lifestyle that is beyond our means, this can impact mental health.

OYW Ambassador Hussein Manawer on how the selfie culture is changing the way we see ourselves and connect with others. 



2. What will define Latin America in 2018

Elections, shifting economies and political turmoil - see what we have in store this year.

OYW Ambassador Mario di Giovanni on what the future holds for the Latin American region. 






3. I’m from the Marshall Islands. Here’s what we need to fight climate change

This is why you can’t implement sustainability projects without the input of local communities.

OYW Ambassador Selina Neirok Leem on the importance of finding sustainable and inclusive solutions to tackle climate change in the Pacific. 




4. What’s happening to the promise of Tunisia’s democracy?

With the resurgence of protests, the events in the coming months will shape Tunisia’s future - for better or for worse.

OYW Ambassador Mohamed Khelifi on Tunisia's economic crisis and democratic transition and what it means for young Tunisians.




5. The transparent ledger: why blockchain is the solution for low-trust environments

It’s going to change everything.

OYW Ambassador Nicolas Jean on how we can unlock the potential of blockchain to promote inclusive development.