#WEFLIVE wrap-up: 5 stories you need to read


1. I'm from Eritrea. This what being a refugee is like

The life of a refugee is one trapped in limbo without any foreseeable end.

OYW Ambassador Meron Semedar shares a day in the life of a refugee.






2. I’m one of nearly 1 million Dreamers: we’re not giving up on this battle

Without the continued momentum thanks to the hard work of young people across the country, the likelihood of positive change in the near future is very low.

OYW Ambassador Saba Nafees on the future of America's fractured communities.




3. Dear world leaders, young people are sick of being treated like circus beasts

Young leaders aren’t relying on your support anymore, we’re taking matters into our own hands.

OYW Ambassador David Naibei on stepping up climate action.






4. Here’s how we’re training the next generation of coders, developers and programmers

In Israel, digital skills training is ahead of the curve.

OYW Ambassador Wasim Abu Salem on how we can scale digital-skills-building efforts. 





5. Transparency is not a PR exercise. We’re not looking for political theatrics

In the fight against corruption, seeing is believing. The key to building trust is transparency.

OYW Ambassador Nkululeko Tselane on tackling the cost of corruption.