Action Accelerator – European pilot program goes global!


Action Accelerator

Last year, a team of One Young World Ambassadors successfully hosted the pilot Action Accelerator programme for Europe-based delegates who wanted to bring their post-Summit ideas to life. Over the course of six months, 40 selected participants joined an exclusive programme where they accessed experts from a range of sectors, participated in sessions which helped them design and operationalise their initiatives, and were mentored along the way.

About the programme

Action Accelerator was a six month post-Summit programme for the 2021 Munich Summit Delegates. The aim of Action Accelerator was to further develop Ambassadors’ leadership skills and create long lasting change after the Summit. Participants had mentorship and coaching from experts in various fields, including business development, project management, pitching and storytelling.

The Action Accelerator gave me the platform to move an idea from a thought to an actual business concept. Learning from experts and bouncing ideas with fellow sustainability enthusiasts.

Roos Bruggink

Hear from the Action Accelerator participants:

Giang Le

Prior to Giang Le participating in the Action Accelerator programme, there was no worldwide network or funding from Arup projects working on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI). Giang Le noticed there was no gender equality focus during city design processes along with a lack of city design workshops based on GESI. After Giang Le attended Action Accelerator, funding of over 17k Euro was provided by Arup for research on GESI and to increase the connectivity between Arup OYW Ambassadors. Arup has also pledged that gender equality will be an important aspect in designing future cities. 20,000 people have since been impacted by Arup.

The Action Accelerator helps me to stay inspired and persistent with my endeavour.

Giang Le

Elisa Battistella

Before Elisa started the Action Accelerator the I'M-Possible movement was still in the ideas stage. Action Accelerator has helped Elisa and her team grow their movement from scratch. The I'M-Possible Movement within Holcim is now a global movement. There are over 135 participants across 26 countries. I'M-Possible focuses on driving action within Holcim in four key areas: sustainability, innovation, people well-being, and diversity & inclusion. 

When I joined the Action Accelerator, we did not start to grow our we have 135 subscribers from 26 countries in our I'M-Possible Movement within Holcim.

Elisa Battistella

Svetlana Vylkova

The Action Accelerator gave Svetlana the inspiration, tools and network to start her project. She is now in the final process of developing her initiative. Svetlana has praised the Action Accelerator programme for the constructive feedback and support she received that ultimately improved her initial idea.

The Action Accelerator gave me the inspiration, tools and network that gave a head start to my initiative. I received constructive feedback, as well as support, that improved my initial idea. I highly recommend the Action Accelerator to anyone who is ready to level up!

Svetlana Vylkova 

Message from the Action Accelerator Team

Action Accelerator itself was born out of the co-founders attendance at One Young World in 2017. To watch the impact grow and to be officially part of the One Young World programming has been an absolute dream! Our ultimate goal was to turn our idea into reality of helping others crystallize the inspiration they received at the annual One Young World Summit into action. I love that by turning our idea into reality, we are helping others do the same. 

What’s next for Action Accelerator?

In 2022, Action Accelerator at OYW is going global and the valuable content will now be available to past and new Ambassadors through a monthly series following the OYW Summit in September. Topics will be relevant to both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs seeking to start their own initiatives following the Summit. The global program will also be complimented with Regional Small Groups to connect, share, and check-in along the journey. 


Contact the team here: [email protected] 

Meet the Action Accelerator Team


PJ Mistry

Action Accelerator Founder & Lead


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Dyonne Niehof

Benelux and Germany Coordinating Ambassador


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Danka Markovic

Europe 3 Coordinating Ambassador


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Kristina Drenker

European Managing Ambassador


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Caritta Seppa

Europe 4 Coordinating Ambassador


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Published on 12/05/2022