Help the relief effort in Türkiye and Syria

Image of the aftermath of the earthquake

On 6 February 2023, a devastating earthquake struck south/central Turkiye and north-west Syria, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in the region.


We urge our Community to unite and help in whatever way they can to support the relief efforts in Turkiye. One Young World Ambassadors in Turkiye have verified the following organisations that need your donations.

Organisations recommended by One Young World Ambassadors

How to support?

AFAD: Türkiye’s official Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, has Earthquake Donation Accounts. People can donate in TRY, EUR and USD.


AHBAP: a voluntary network working in coordination with AFAD and has +30k volunteers, is currently active in the affected regions. People can donate by TRY with a credit card.


AKUT: which is a voluntary & non-governmental search, assist and rescue association, is involved in searching, assisting and rescuing the victims of the earthquake. As far as I know, they are fully transparent about how they spend donations they receive. People can donate in TRY, EUR and USD


CARE: CARE’s Turkey Syria Earthquakes Fund reaches tens of thousands of vulnerable people with emergency food, health services, shelter, and much more.


Syrian American Medical Society Foundation: For Syrian relief efforts it is more complicated to ensure that the relief support reaches those affected directly, yet many have recommended this organisation due to a historic record of support.


Turkish Philanthropy Funds


Published on 07/02/2023