Life can be black or white, but you can decide to put colour in it

Camila Fierro, also known as Soy Fira, is a Colombian crypto-artist, digital artist, and one-line portraitist. A civil engineer by profession and an artist by vocation, crypto art is the last stop in a series of projects based on her artistic proposal that uses the technique of drawing in a single stroke.

Fira is also an ambassador for One Young World for her work with Ya Tengo Donde Escribir, a foundation she created when she was 17 years old to give away notebooks with recycled sheets,

Her passion is to connect with people, especially through her art. Whilst attending the 2021 One Young World Summit in Munich, she decided to draw delegates with whom she has a really deep connection.

Over the course of the Summit, she drew them in one line before colouring her art, inspiring her in their personalities and dreams and at the back, all of them wrote her their thoughts and inspiration.

The portraits, and dreams, of the 11 featured delegates can be found below.


About the artist


We are all connected by one trace, where people's actions can affect the whole world like its happening in COVID times.

I'm a civil engineer, but I discovered that the bridges I want to build are between people, and I use technology to do it.

I started taking photographs, then I created my wearable art fashion line using my artwork. The pieces are embroidered by hand. This led me to draw portraits that have been sent to 30 countries, both in digital and physical formats.

I always carry my notebook with me when I go to museums in order to draw the works of great masters in a single trace. I always carry my notebook with me when I go to museums in order to draw the works of great masters in a single trace.

I am a member of Global Shaper, an initiative by the World Economic Forum; an ambassador for One Young World, the world's largest conference of young leaders; an EXMA speaker and I represent my generation at EXPO DUBAI.

When I was 17 years old, I created my NGO "Ya Tengo Donde Escribir”,  where we make notebooks out of cereal boxes and recycled paper for low-income children and now we want to give away tablets.

I am making my traces known so I can continue to tell stories. I invite you to be a part of this one.


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Published on 23/11/2021