One Young World Caucus Switzerland 2023: Shaking up the Status Quo!

One Young World Caucus Switzerland 2023: Shaking up the Status Quo!

On May 31 and June 1, 2023, 140 young Swiss leaders gathered in Lausanne, Switzerland, for the One Young World Switzerland Caucus 2023. 


Organized by the National Board of One Young World Switzerland, the event aimed to answer key questions on how to shake up the status quo and empower organizations for sustainable change. The event’s main themes covered discussions about climate action, mental health and cross-sector collaboration. As part of the global One Young World initiative, this gathering brought together impactful young Swiss leaders to shake up the Status Quo in their region and beyond.


Event Highlights:

The event commenced with an inspiring opening ceremony at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne. During a powerful fireside chat, speakers such as Kate Robertson, Co-founder of One Young World, Michael Moller, former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, Louise le Gat, Founder of the Purpose-Led School, and Mark Heasman, Head of Activism at the Z Zurich Foundation, shared their personal journeys and perspectives on "Shaking up the Status Quo."


The participants also had the opportunity to learn from experienced executives, managers, and start-up founders who are driving sustainability in their respective fields. The event fostered networking and collaboration among young leaders from various organizations.


Kate Robertson speaking as part of the OYW Switzerland conference


Key Takeaways:

The event's central themes of climate action, mental health, and cross-sector collaboration resonated strongly with the participants. Academics, including Yu Wang, Nele Dael, and Buse Aktaş, shared their research insights and personal journeys related to these topics. The discussions revolved around empowering organizations to take action and make a positive sustainable impact.


Workshops and roundtable sessions allowed young leaders to build skills and reflect on their next steps to drive positive changes in their respective field and challenge established norms. Topics covered included corporate democratic responsibility, maintaining balance as an entrepreneur, public affairs and lobbying, and purpose-driven initiatives. 


Managing Director Jessica Jones emphasized the importance of making this network accessible to all organizations in Switzerland, no matter their size. Pascal Jenny, member of the One Young World Switzerland National Board, said: “Action must be seen on both large and small scales, in global companies and small- to medium-sized enterprises alike. Climate change is something that needs to impact daily behavior in the working environment as well as privately. We need to take every opportunity to succeed in this topic.” 


Stefan Scheiber, Chair of the One Young World Switzerland National Board, underscored the importance of cross collaboration: “Collaboration and cross-organizational borders and beliefs are vital to create the needed solutions to generate a better future.” 


The theme of mental health resonated strongly with many speakers and participants. Livia Altmann, the newest and youngest board member said: “As a former athlete and Olympian, mental and physical health is crucial for high performance in business as well as in sports. It starts with each leader taking care of themselves to then be able to inspire and help others.” A delegate emphasized the importance of talking openly about mental health: “If it gets more talked about, I feel less alone, especially with the pressure that is often expected at work.” 


As One Young World continues its mission to provide a platform for young leaders, events like the Switzerland Caucus serve as catalysts for positive change, inviting young leaders to challenge the status quo and create a better future for all. 


To explore upcoming events and join this global movement, visit the  One Young World Events page for more information.

Published on 22/06/2023