Brazil Caucus: 29 July

On 29 July, One Young World Ambassadors and young leaders from across Brazil come together in São Paulo for the first Brazilian One Young World Caucus. Caucuses provide an opportunity for Ambassadors to connect face to face, explore opportunities for collaboration and gain insight into a range of emerging issues.

Spaces are limited so register as soon as possible to secure your place.

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Registration deadline: 25 July


Main event: 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Happy hour: 7:30pm​

29 July 2017


Unibes Cultural: Rua Oscar Freire, 2500 - Sumaré, São Paulo​

Who can attend?

All One Young World Ambassadors are welcome to attend. In addition, One Young World Ambassadors may nominate other socially engaged young leaders to participate. Please note that the Caucus will be conducted in Portuguese.

What is on the agenda?

14:00Introduction to One Young World and the Brazilian Ambassador communityFernando RangelOne Young World Coordinator Ambassador for South America & Manager, Apple
14:25Awakening love, passion and life purposeFábio ToretaPartner and Co-founder, Dharma Academy & Social Entrepreneur, Awaken Love
14:50Network activity
15:20Volunteerism Panel André CerviCo-founder, Atados & Co-founder Abraço Cultural
Renan BartaloNational Resources Director, Teto
Cindy PludwinskyLeader, Base Colaborativa & Founder, Abacaxi 
Debora SpitzcovskyCoordinator, Entrega por SP
16:30Social responsibility, poverty and communication towards positive changeTony MarlonFounder, Escola de Noticias & Historiorama
17:00Social Entrepreneurship Panel Mara MourãoFilm Director, Screenwriter and Producer
Mari GarbeliniCoordinator, Abraço Cultural
Matheus CardosoPartner and Founder, Moradigna
Glaziela CavallaroCo-Director of Educational Projects, Yunus Social Business
17:50Crowdfunding Masterclass Panel Nina ValentiniPresident, Arredondar
Luciano FrontelleCoordinator Assistant, Adesaf
Renata AlamyCo-creator Crowdfunding Cine Mirante
18:30Further insights & considerations
18:40The OYW’17 Bogota and Closing
19:30Happy hour (Baderna Bar)

Who will take part?


In addition to One Young World Ambassadors from Apple, Bristol, DSM, Serasa, Siemens and Telefônica, the event will bring together change makers from some of Brazil's most impactful organisations including representatives from:

  • Atados: Social platform that connects people and organisations, promoting volunteering opportunities.
  • Teto: Works in slums and underserved communities to provide decent housing through collective engagement of volunteers and local residents.
  • Abraço Cultural: Offers language courses lectured by refugees in order to promote cultural exchange, generating income to these refugees.
  • Adus: Helps refugees integrate with Brazilian society through a comprehensive range of training and support.
  • Arredondar: Innovative microdonation movement that enables people to round-up their spending to support social causues.
  • Ativar: Offers support to social organizations in legal issues, accounting and fundraising and management. 
  • Awaken Love: Movement for collective transformation to awake love around the world.
  • Base Colaborativa: Space to connect people willing to change the world. It develops projects, offers study groups, discussions, stimulating collective awareness for positive changes.
  • Climax Brasil: Mobilises young people to become aware of climate change and to engage in the cause.
  • Crea+: Educational institution assisting the development of children and young people in public schools.
  • Mapa Educação: Movement to transform education policy.
  • Passos Mágicos: Educational center for underprivileged children and young people.
  • Moradigna: Social business improving housing in low-income communities.
  • Adesaf: Stimulates the participation of society in formulation of public policies.
  • Entrega por SP: Social movement to share love through the streets of São Paulo and deliver food, clothes and utilities to homeless people.
  • Yunus Social Business: Promotes social business through workshops, lectures and events. Offers consulting to companies, governments, institutions and NGOs.
  • Escola de Notícias: Promotes social, cultural and economic rights for young people.
  • Cine Mirante: Initiative to bring arts and cinema to public spaces.
  • Caindo no Brasil: Social business supporting people and projects aiming to transform education in Brazil.
  • Litro de Luz: International organisation that through a simple sustainable technology brings light to communities with no access to electric power.
  • Letrus: Educational platform to stimulate writing.
  • Visionários: Platform that promotes social entrepreneurship through competitions.
  • Red Bull Amaphiko: Platform for social entrepreneurs to connect with other people, promote their projects and inspire positive change.
  • Hamburgada do Bem: Besides of distributing hamburgers, it brings recreation and information underserved communities.
  • Instituto Muda: Develops and implements sustainable practices in waste management.
  • TODXS: Promotes the inclusion and empowerment of the LGBT+ community. 
  • Adeola: Promotes the Afrobetization of children based on race relations, gender, culture and art.
  • Historiorama: Helping people find their autonomy to develop creative economy through information and communication technology.