Contribute to a peace & coexistence initiative: CoexiStory

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Contribute to CoexiStory, a storytelling project to inspire a more peaceful world.

About CoexiStory

"In a world where all of us are bombarded every day with news and stories that divide and sow fear, we thought we’d set up a small corner of the web to do the opposite: to bring us closer together. It’s a tall order, but we thought we’d take it one step at a time using stories.

In CoexiStory, you’ll find a treasure trove of stories, conversations, and thoughts that explore what words like peace, empathy, and coexistence really mean. These stories are about people like you who’ve connected with other folks and places they never expected to. They’re about journeys of faith, leadership, conflict, art, and love. They’re about questions that chip away at the things that make humans vastly different and the things that make us exactly the same.

Who are we? We’re a group of volunteer storytellers, journalists, students, and friends who devote a little of our time each day to make this small corner of the web a meaningful and positive experience for you."

How you can can contribute

CoexiStory exists because of the generosity of the people who share stories that bring small – but not insignificant – points of light to a world besieged by darkness. If you would like to contribute a write-up of anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 words on any of the topics below, we’d be happy to consider it for publication on our site:

Stories to inspire peace that focus on people, relationships, places, and events

  • Insights from successful projects and campaigns by non-profit organizations, schools, governments, etc.

  • Articles discussing skills and values (e.g. critical thinking, empathy, conflict resolution) needed to attain peace and cohesion

  • Opinion pieces on current events, discussed from the lens of peace and coexistence

We presently accept only non-fiction works. We also prefer works that appeal to a large number of people, written informally and conversationally.

Interested in writing a story? Contact [email protected].

This opportunity was provided by OYW Ambassador Arizza Nocum of Philippines. She runs KRIS Library and is one of ten Extremely Together advocates working with the Kofi Annan Foundation.