Coordinating Ambassadors - Europe

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Coordinating Regions:

UK & Ireland: United Kingdom and Ireland

Benelux & Germany: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg

Western Europe: Andorra, Austria, France, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland

Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Malta, Albania, Kosovo, San Marino

Central Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia

Northern Europe: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden

Eastern Europe/Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

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Managing Ambassador

Kristina Drenker


Kristina Drenker

Perth, Australia

[email protected] 


Kristina is a dedicated leader at the forefront of sustainable development and digital innovation. With a rich background in social impact and consulting, she passionately advocates for leveraging technology to drive positive change.

Kristina's journey in fostering impactful transformation began during her tenure at Coca-Cola European Partners, where she spearheaded initiatives aimed at reducing packaging waste. Inspired by her experience at The One Young World Summit 2018 in The Hague, she became a vocal advocate for sustainability and female empowerment within her organization.

Today, as a Senior Strategy Manager at Accenture Industry X, Kristina continues to channel her passion for social responsibility and innovation into actionable strategies. Collaborating across industries, she strives to cultivate cultural shifts that accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future.

With her unwavering commitment and visionary approach, Kristina empowers individuals, teams, and companies to embrace the challenges of tomorrow and create lasting impact today.

Coordinating Ambassadors

UK & Ireland

Headshot: Rishi Dorai


Rishi Dorai

London, United Kingdom

[email protected]


Rishi Dorai is a purpose-driven leader, making a meaningful impact at the forefront of the energy transition and drive to net zero. He currently works as an ESG Director for bp in Strategy & Sustainability. Rishi began his career working as a geologist in bp’s exploration & production business on projects across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Later, he transitioned into Strategy & Sustainability, where he played a key role in framing bp's net-zero ambition and has since been involved in the development and execution of the company’s new corporate strategy to transform bp into an integrated energy company. In addition to being a One Young World Coordinating Ambassador, Rishi is also a Climate Reality Leader at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a global coalition of changemakers, founded by former US Vice President Al Gore, working to drive the energy transition, solve the climate crisis and build a just and healthy future for the world. Rishi is passionate about accelerating the energy transition, driving towards net zero and leveraging the power of global corporations in amplifying positive impact.

Benelux & Germany



Dyonne Niehof

The Hague, Netherlands

[email protected]


Dyonne is a public affairs professional, helping clients navigate the political landscape of the Netherlands. She advises branch associations, companies, municipalities, and entrepreneurs. Her passion is bridging the gap between politics and society. She is a board member of the local branche of D66 - a social liberal political party. In addition she organises an annual event on behalf of her professional association, where ten small charities are invited to meet politicians, policymakers, and lobbyists and given advice on how to bring their interests to the attention of relevant stakeholders.

Western Europe

Sorana-Florentina Ionita


Sorana-Florentina Ionita

Vienna, Austria

[email protected]


Having a background in Industrial Engineering, Sorana is currently working as a Digital Factory Manager for the world’s largest food solutions provider Bühler. Apart from her daily job, she also leads the Bühler intrapreneurship movement Generation B in Austria, aiming at engaging their employees and bringing corporate change from the bottom up. A volunteer at heart, Sorana has been involved and working for different organisations throughout the past 10 years, such as Partners in Food Solutions - by supporting African food businesses and ESTIEM - European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, where she occupied the Vice President position on a European level. Sorana has gained intercultural experience by living and working in 6 countries on 3 continents.

Southern Europe



Salma Habachi

Barcelona, Spain

[email protected]


A perfervid marketer with experience in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand and Community Management in addition to Business development & Strategy. Combining a knack for creativity with a sharp analytical mind, top class leadership traits and business acumen, Salma is highly passionate about brands with purpose, pulling out untapped consumer insights, testing her limits and crafting engaging business strategies.

Her greatest passion is to bring healing to the World by making tomorrow better and by becoming a voice to the voiceless and a beacon of hope to the hopeless. Salma is currently co-creating a blog about how to make change through travelling. Prior to this, she was a Hult Prize campus director; the world’s biggest entrepreneurship competition, in partnership with the United Nations but her journey with social activism started 6 years ago when she developed 2 social projects contributing to the improvement of education in her home country; Morocco.

Central Europe



Svetlana Vylkova

Rotterdam, Netherlands

[email protected]


Svetlana is an active change maker with a zeal for social entrepreneurship and leadership. 

She has co-found and led an organisation creating projects and events towards sustainable development in the Netherlands. She was then selected as SDG Voice Nederland and engaged in public speaking at events all over the country. She has also engaged in CSW66, COP26, and COY17 to represent the voices of youth. 

In 2019, after leading an independent research on SDG 4. Quality Education in Japan, she co-designed a course for university students and hosted workshops on empowerment inspiring them to reach their full potential. 

She is passionate about cultures, so she started a podcast inviting representatives of diverse backgrounds and celebrating diversity. 

For the future, she aspires to create impact through empowering young professionals and leading projects and organisation to sustainable development. 

Northern Europe



Natālija Knipše

Riga, Latvia

[email protected]


Natālija Knipše is a masters student of law from Latvia, working mainly in constitutional law and human rights law, she is the previous Youth Delegate of Latvia to the United Nations and a civic and political engagement activist, focusing on issues of human dignity, disinformation, climate change and equality. She participated in the OYW Munich summit in 2021 and has since been an active member of the OYW ambassador community. She is passionate about international law and human rights, strategic litigation and making politics understandable and accessible for everyone!

Eastern Europe / Central Asia


Lidiya Chikalova 

Naryn, Kyrgzstan

[email protected]


Lidiya Chikalo has 10+ years of experience in international development with a focus on education programme management in Central Asia. She is passionate about integrated approaches to educational development, driven by her interest in understanding the connections among learning, well-being, and the environment and its role in empowering marginalised individuals and communities to thrive. Lidiya firmly believes in the importance of such approaches to build more inclusive, just, and resilient education systems and communities. 

Engagement Leads

UK & Ireland



Roos Bruggink

London, United Kingdom


Roos Bruggink is a social and environmental sustainability intrapreneur. She currently works at Pfizer as a Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy Manager and holds a Master in Sustainability Transition Management from the University of Bologna. Roos believes we are at a crossroads for sustainability - the defining issue of our generation - and the answer lies in collaboration between business, government, and civil society. Roos began her career at Pfizer in the oncology business unit, then transitioned into colleague engagement, where she played a role in informing, inspiring and engaging 2,500 UK colleagues and completed a stint in the digital external communications team. In her current role, Roos project manages Pfizer UK’s corporate responsibility programmes, which include product donations for humanitarian crises, environmental sustainability, colleague volunteering, charitable donations, colleague charitable giving & fundraising and schools outreach programmes. In addition, Roos is co-lead of the UK disABILITY diversity & inclusion network and co-chairs Pfizer's global Corporate Affairs culture community. Roos is also a One Young World Ambassador and holds the appointment of OYW Engagement Lead, UK & Ireland.

Benelux & Germany

Tobias mooch


Tobias Mosch

Berlin, Germany


Tobias is a young professional and intrapreneur from Germany. He currently works for Visa, the global payment network, serving business clients across the financial sector and beyond to grow their business and create value for users through data-driven insights and technology innovation. He specializes in open finance, responsible lending, and digital currencies. Tobias believes in the value of purpose-driven leadership and technology as an enabler to achieve sustainable development and social impact. He has led several impact-oriented initiatives, such as supporting young entrepreneurs in East Africa through education and financial inclusion, helping a Kenyan sanitation NGO develop a growth plan, and mentoring refugees from the Middle East to apply for jobs and integrate into German society. In his role as an Engagement Lead for Benelux & Germany, he is eager to connect and empower the regional Ambassador community throughout the year.

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