Coordinating Ambassador Elections

Welcome to the One Young World Coordinating Ambassador election. This is your chance to decide which of your fellow Ambassadors will become the 2015 Coordinating Ambassador for your region.

Coordinating Ambassadors will play a pivotal role within the One Young World community throughout 2015. Amongst other things, the Coordinators will research and help to promote your initiatives, gather your views and opinions in order shape the agenda of the 2015 Summit and organise regional events and meetings for your benefit.  Click here for more information about the responsibilities of Coordinating Ambassadors.

Applications for these positions were open to all One Young World Ambassadors. The candidates below, who have been shortlisted by our team, have all demonstrated the skills, experience and commitment needed to serve and support you in the year ahead. It’s now up to you to decide who takes on the task.

Election Rules

You may only vote if you are a One Young World Ambassador.
2. You may only vote for one candidate.
3. You may only vote for a candidate who is standing for the region that you live in. If you vote for a candidate from outside the region that you live in then your vote will not be counted. You can check which region you live in here but if you are not sure please contact [email protected].
4. The candidates who receive the highest number of votes in each region will be appointed the Coordinating Ambassadors for their region.
5. If two or more candidates from the same region have an equal number of votes then the Coordinating Ambassador for that region will be drawn at random by One Young World.
6. The election is scheduled to close on 28 November 2014 but we reserve the right to change this date.

Please note that you must be logged in to your One Young World account to cast your vote. Log in here.