Amy Richmond

Director, Child Protection in Emergencies – International Programs, Save the Children

Amy has spent the last 12 years travelling to conflict and emergency responses. A specialist in child protection systems in conflict, Amy has responded to the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Key issues Amy has focused on include family tracing and reunification, violence against children, exploitation of children during emergencies, children associated with armed groups and psychosocial distress and mental health in complex emergencies. Amy has also responded to emergencies in Southern Iraq, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda, Tanzania, DRC, Malawi, Japan, Philippines and the United States. Amy was also one of the first on the ground in Liberia responding to needs of children who were separated from their parents during the Ebola crisis, and has recently returned from NE Nigeria.

Based in Washington, D.C., Amy holds a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University, an MA in Development Studies from Kings College London and a Certificate in Mental Health in Complex Emergencies from Fordham University in New York.