Carole Stone

Chairman of Advisory Board, YouGov Cambridge

Carole  was  for  many  years  the  producer  of  BBC  Radio  4’s  current  affairs discussion programme  Any Questions?

Since   leaving   the BBC, Carole   has   worked   as   a   freelance   journalist   and broadcaster and as a media consultant to chairmen and chief executives of major British companies.   She is also the author of ‘Networking – the art of making friends’.  In November 2011, Carole was voted by the Institute of Directors Director magazine and O2 as Britain’s Best Connected Woman.

In  April  2007,  Carole  became  the Managing  Director  of  YouGovStone  Ltd,  a  joint venture with YouGov plc, where she established the YouGovStone think tank –a global panel of over 5,000 people – the ‘influentials’.

Carole then sold her shares in her company to the parent company YouGov in 2011.

Carole is currently the Chair of the External Advisory Board of the YouGov Centre at  Cambridge  University,  a  unique  partnership  between  YouGov  and  the Cambridge   POLIS   Department   that   brings   academic   and   polling   experts together to collaborate on public policy research.

In June 2014, Carole was made a Senior Fellow of the new Regent’s University London.