Jürgen Siebel

Head of International Business within Siemens Professional Education



Jürgen Siebel joined Siemens Professional Education in August 2013. Based in Munich, he initiates and drives the company’s professional education projects outside Germany. Jürgen represents Siemens on international and cross-industry bodies promoting (dual) work-based education models as key components of any education-reform agenda. He is convinced that all lines of education – including the academic – can be made more effective by adding work-based curriculum elements. They provide employability to the young and, hence, are most impactful in fighting youth unemployment and maintaining competitiveness. Furthermore, Juergen believes that entrepreneurship education deserves more weight in secondary-school curricula.

Before joining Professional Education, Jürgen has served in various leading operational and strategic roles within Siemens’ business, corporate, and regional HR organizations. He has been with the company since 1999.

Jürgen earned his M.Sc. in economics at the University of Hamburg, and a Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Vienna.

In his free time, Jürgen enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters, his friends and others who share – with varying extent – his passion for literature, cinema, football, skiing and the family dog.