Jean-Paul Agon

Chairman and CEO of L'Oreal

Born in 1956, Jean-Paul Agon joined L’Oreal in 1978. He is today the Group’s Chairman and CEO of the n°1 cosmetics company worldwide. He has spent his entire career with the company, much of it outside of France. After a brief stint in 1980 as product manager for the Consumer Products division in France, he was appointed General Manager of L'Oréal Greece in 1981, where he spent four years turning around a tough situation and laying the foundations of a solid business.

In 1985, he returned to France as General Manager of L'Oreal Paris, where he oversaw a number of key launches and major successes, including Studio Line, Plénitude and Elsève.

In 1989, he became International Managing Director for Biotherm, remodelling the brand to renew its strength, dynamism and modernity, endowing the brand with truly international appeal.

In 1994, Mr Agon became Managing Director of L'Oréal Germany, where he played a key role in dealing with issues related to European markets, at the time suffering a slowdown in growth.

In 1997, L'Oreal Chairman and CEO Lindsay Owen-Jones entrusted him with the task of setting up and heading the L'Oreal Asia Zone in the midst of a full-blown economic crisis. He created subsidiaries in a number of countries, stepped up investment and recruited a new generation of local talent. Mr Agon played a predominant part in developing these huge growth drivers of the future.

In 2001, he was appointed CEO of the American subsidiary, the groups leading market. Under his impetus, his teams gained market shares in all categories.

In 2006, Jean Paul Agon was appointed CEO of L’Oreal of which he also became Chairman in February 2011.
He set L’Oreal the target of doubling the number of consumers of its products by winning a billion new customers. A man of conviction, his ambition is also to make the group a model of corporate citizenship. He has set extremely ambitious aims in terms of environmental protection: a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste production between 2005 and 2015. Finally, he has undertaken many initiatives in the fields of diversity, ethics and citizenship. He furthermore received in 2009 the Pace Leadership in Ethics Award from the Ethical Resource Center, the prize for L’Oreal’s developments in terms of ethics, diversity, financial transparency and sustainable development. L’Oreal has now appeared in the ranking of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world for 4 years in a row.

Jean-Paul Agon was a Counsellor at One Young World Summits: 2011 in Zurich.

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