Mariel Von Schumann

Corporate Vice President- Governance & Markets

Mariel von Schumann hold’s the role of Corporate Vice President Governance & Markets at Siemens AG, which is the Chief of Staff function in the company. In this role she is responsible for a diverse portfolio of corporate functions and initiatives. Mariel also sits on the Board of Siemens Ltd. India, where she is a member of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the Remuneration Committee and is a former Supervisory Board member of Siemens Healthcare GmbH.

Mariel has held positions from Product Manager for mobile phone to various positions in Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions and Head of Investor Relations at Siemens. She commenced her career at Digital Equipment Corporation and later Compaq Computer in Geneva and Boston, prior to joining Siemens in 2001.

Mariel von Schumann holds a Master degree in International Management from EAP-ESCP Europe. Mariel is of dual Belgian-German nationality. She is a mother to her young daughter and wants to play her part in making the world a better place, by being a role model, especially for women and working mothers.