Philip Moross

CEO, Cutting Edge Group



Philip began his career in 1983 at Arthur Andersen in its London-based United Kingdom headquarters. Since 1989, he has served as Chairman of Waterford, a real estate development business specializing in the refurbishment and development of luxury residential projects in Central London, and most recently large-scale hotel, residential and leisure projects in Switzerland. In 1993 Mr. Moross formed Cutting Edge Marketing Solutions, a marketing business focused on the entertainment arena, which serviced large retail and mail order companies in the UK, Europe and the USA by creating celebrity branded products for mass-market distribution. In 1997 Mr. Moross created the Cutting Edge Music Group, which absorbed that marketing entity.

Thanks to Moross' unique idea of providing hedge-based financing for film scores — handling funding for scoring and music clearance upfront in exchange for publishing and distribution rights later on —he and his Cutting Edge Group have swiftly become forces in the film-music business. The company have funded scores for such films as The King's SpeechDrive and End of Watch.