Stephen Boulter

Stephen has worked for Jaguar Land Rover for 12 years.  The last 4 of those has been spent leading the engineering of Jaguars first all electric vehicle, the I-Pace.

Ever since school, Stephen has been obsessed with EV's. He built his first electric motorcycle at the age of 13 using a starter motor from a Land Rover and a battery from a mobility scooter.  After building lots of EV's in his spare time, Stephen took this obsession to University where he studied engineering, and then into Jaguar Land Rover. 

This passion for EV's coincides with a passion for sustainable living.  His family live an increasingly plastic free lifestyle and he is currently building a wind turbine using an MHEV unit from the new Range Rover Evoque. 

Stephen says engineering as an adult gives him the same feeling of excitement and satisfaction as it did when he was a child, except there is strong feeling of duty because we have such a large part to play in the global fight to stop climate change.