Taban Soresh

Founder, The Lotus Flower

Former child genocide survivor, Taban Shoresh is the founder of The Lotus Flower, a non-profit for women and girls that currently supports survivors of conflict in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq and Germany. Taban first established The Lotus Flower in London in 2016, after witnessing ISIS committing genocide in her homeland, some three decades after she endured similar atrocity and devastation during Saddam Hussein’s reign. With a tight-knit community of colleagues and advocates, Taban enables women and girls to flourish safely and on their own terms. As a fledgling charity, they have little funding but are making a significant impact. A hardworking network of staff deliver a host of programmes on the ground in Kurdistan which drive social and economic change through projects such as the Women's Business Incubator, Boxing Sisters, Sewing Sisters and Baking Sisters, which empower women to learn skills that they can use to earn a living. The Lotus Flower has helped 10,000 women and girls to date.