Young Leaders Fund - Information for Grant Holders

In the result of a successful application, Grant Holders will receive the funds directly and swiftly. This is in accordance with the Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund’s central pillar of “urgency”. It is vital that recipients are able to act quickly to tackle the pandemic in their respective area and location, and are not burdened by time-consuming demands.

For accurate details, please contact your personal CYLF Manager directly. If you have not yet applied, or been accepted for funding, please see this page for more information.

Receiving Funds

One Young World will notify you directly via the contact details you have provided if your application has been accepted.

One Young World will also request essential information to begin the procedure to transfer the grant. If you do not provide said information, the funds cannot be released, so please respond promptly. This information may include:

  • Bank Details (of primary account used by initiative)
  • Proof of Identity
  • Financial Statement (from above bank account to prove responsible use of finding_
  • Reference on request

Monitoring & Evaluation Process

Grant Holders will participate in a simple, personalised and transparent monitoring process to ensure that organisations can tackle the pandemic with maximum efficiency without unnecessary burdens.

CYLF Manager

  • A member of the One Young World team will be allocated to each Grant Holder as their personal point of contact, guiding them through the process and collecting necessary information

Means of Communication

  • The CYLF Manager will establish the chosen means of communication, based on the Grant Holder’s preference


  • Grant Holders are required to provide photographs (and ideally video) at regular intervals to document the use of funds and impact
  • Media may be used in One Young World’s material promoting the Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund and the supported initiatives


  • Grant Holders will be asked to provide a Spending Report to their CYLF Manager
  • Grant Holders may be asked to provide copies of receipts and invoices
  • One Young World will use information form the monitoring process to draft an Impact Overview 
  • One Young World will promote the work of the Ambassador as part of its Impact Reporting
  • The Grant Holder is required to participate in a 30 minute phone call with One Young World’s Impact Analyst during the production
  • The initiative may be included in One Young World’s 2020 Annual Impact Report
  • Depending on the needs of the initiative and the impact of its use of funds, Ambassadors may be eligible to apply for a second round of funding. Ambassadors should approach their CYLF Manager with such requests.