Delegate Speaker Applications 2015 Now Closed

NOTE: You must be a fully paid Delegate to be able to apply to be a 2015 Delegate Speaker.

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Who are Delegate Speakers?

Unlike traditional conferences, One Young World opens up its platform to young delegates. Each year, we find thirty inspirational young leaders to present their impactful work and personal stories during the Summit's six Plenary Sessions. The Delegate Speakers are a truly international cohort. Speakers at previous Summits came from every continent, sharing their experiences, views and opinions with the Summit and the watching world. If you are attending the One Young World Summit 2015 as a delegate or Returning Ambassador, becoming a Delegate Speaker is your chance to spread your message on the world stage.

Delegate Speakers will:

  • Deliver an impactful five minute speech during one of the Summit’s six Plenary Sessions.
  • Receive a personal introduction from a global figure (e.g. Kofi Annan) known as One Young World Counsellors.
  • Inspire fellow delegates to take action.

We are looking for:

  • Confident communicators
  • Real world or personal experience
  • Unique insight into a Plenary Session topics

Who can apply?

  • You can apply to be a Delegate Speaker if you are confirmed to attend the One Young World Summit 2015 as either a delegate or Returning Ambassador.
  • If you are not sure you have been confirmed as a delegate or Returning Ambassador please get in touch with us at [email protected].

How to apply:

  • Complete up to two of the online forms below before 7 October 2015.

  • You may apply to speak in up to two Plenary Sessions.

  • The top applicants will be invited to a telephone or online interview with the One Young World team.

  • Top tip: early applications are strongly advised.

Online applications close on 7 October

Please note: you may be unable to access the application forms if you are using a network that prohibits access to Google apps. If you are unable to access the forms for this reason, please contact [email protected] to request offline versions of the applications.