Education Delegate Speaker Application 2015

Development begins with the empowering force of education, yet there remains a huge divide between education opportunities for men and women. In 2015, many cultures still prevent women from being properly educated, or limit opportunities for women and girls to be educated and maximise their contribution. Almost a third of the One Young World community live in a country where societal gender norms (e.g. marriage) are the primary obstacles to girls’ education. 

With generations of women and girls still being denied a good education, half of a society is prevented from contributing to that society’s economic and social development. One fifth of the One Young World community identified gender alone as the biggest barrier to equal access to education in their country. Women and girls have an enormous and as yet unrealised contribution to the development and security of so many communities. According to UN women, one in three women worldwide have experience some sort of physical or sexual violence. It is time to close the gender gap, break down the remaining barriers and achieve true equality of opportunity that starts with education.

Only education can close the gender gap.

·  Does education embed stereotypes?​

·  Educating to end violence against women

·  Fostering skills to increase women in the work place