One Young World Delegate Speaker FAQs

What is a Delegate Speaker?

Delegate Speakers are the keynote speakers of the One Young World Summit. Each of the six Plenary Sessions contains six Delegate Speeches. Delegate Speakers are introduced by a Counsellor and have the opportunity to address the Summit for approximately six minutes to share their experiences and opinions.

Who can apply?

In order to apply to be a Delegate Speaker you must be a confirmed attendee of the 2013 Summit. Whether you are a new Delegate or a Returning Ambassador, you must have paid the attendance fee before you are able to apply.

What are the Plenary Sessions?

Plenary Sessions are the cornerstones of the Summit and form the basis of most of the discussion and action plans. This year there are six Plenary Sessions focusing on:

Education – How do we teach tomorrow’s skills today?
Global Business – How can we be the key to better business?
Human Rights – Gender equality: how do we turn the rhetoric into reality? Leadership & Government – What is the new democracy?
Sustainable Development – How do we deliver solutions that give as much as they take?
Youth Unemployment – Is it our job to find the solutions?

What are One Young World looking for in Delegate Speakers?

  • The most essential asset is real world experience and knowledge of the area you wish to talk about. We want speakers who have genuine credentials within the Plenary subject.
  • Delegate Speakers need to have original ideas for tangible plans of action to address problems – Plenary Sessions are about Solutions Not Discussions.
  • We also are looking for people who are full of passion and enthusiasm for the Plenary topic and will inspire the Summit to go on to make real changes in the world around them.

Confidence in communication is key – Delegate Speakers should feel prepared to speak in front of a large audience although no previous experience is necessary and everyone receives expert coaching before the Summit.

How do I apply to be a Delegate Speaker?

Fill in the application form at You must be a confirmed Delegate to access the form. You may apply for a maximum of two sessions.

Any advice for the application forms?

  • Read the questions carefully and stick to the word limit.
  • Ensure you spell words correctly and use good English – the forms are the only sense we have at this stage of how good your communication is so consider typing your answers in MS Word and using spell check.
  • Showcase your knowledge and experience – we can gauge your passion by how much you engage with the topic in real terms.
  • Tell us something new – why would you be more interesting to listen to than any other Delegate?
  • Suggest some solutions – show us that One Young World Delegates would be inspired to action by your speech.

Can I apply with a partner or in a group?

Yes. We are keen to see collaboration between Delegates from the same country, company or even those who share similar interests. We would ask that you apply in groups of three people at a maximum.

When do I need to apply by?

Applications close on August 14th.

What happens next?

A shortlist of applicants will be asked to interview via Skype or Google Hangout to give us more information about your experiences. After that, the Delegate Speaker list will be announced in early September.

What are the advantages of being a Delegate Speaker?

Being one of the keynote speakers at this amazing conference is a fantastic chance to raise the profile of your work and ideas within the One Young World community and the watching world. You will benefit from:

  • Expert coaching to help make your speech shine.
  • The chance to have a one-on-one meeting with a Counsellor before they introduce you to the Summit.
  • The video of your speech being uploaded onto the One Young World Youtube channel.
  • Fantastic recognition of your work by the whole Summit.

Are there any other ways to become a Delegate Speaker?

The winner of the One Young World Do Better essay competition presents a version of their essay as a Delegate Speaker. Additionally, they are awarded a free Returning Ambassador spot for 2014 and help getting their essay published. The judges for last year’s competition were Bob Geldof, Fatima Bhutto, John Simpson and Kate Robertson. Go to for more information.

The webpage says I have the opportunity to run a Breakout Session – what does this mean?

Breakout Sessions are additional workshop-like focus groups which will also deal with the Plenary topics. We are looking for passionate communicators who are very knowledgeable about the Plenary subject. This is a brilliant opportunity to network with people who share your interests and gain exposure during the Summit. Simply tick the box if you are interested and you will receive more information in August.

What if I have any other questions?

Email Ella Robertson – [email protected] - for more information.

You can also download a copy of the FAQs HERE