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With most of the OYW community working from home, we’ll be signposting events that offer expertise, learning and insight that will keep you engaged during this period.

Any events you’d like us to share? We would love to showcase events happening in all corners of the world. Get in touch: [email protected]


What OYW Ambassadors are providing:

Taban Shoresh - Distance Reiki Healing offered from the UK 

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Naomi Bugre - Fitness sessions on Zoom from Malta

Connect with Naomi 

James Eder - Free Coaching Sessions from an entrepreneur and Life Coach

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Hector Rivas Bonilla - Take Latin American Dance Lessons Virtually in Peru

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Meg Zeenat and Damian Zabielski - Struggling with isolation? Join My Mind Matters Too's Weekly Tea Time | 6:00 PM (GMT)

To learn more email [email protected]

Stan Karpenko - Give Vision: Call a visually impaired elderly person from the Give Vision network.

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Zsófia Szlamka - 3 April: Voices Personal Branding Virtual Workshop | 1:00 - 2:00 PM UTC + 01

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If you take up any of the Ambassadors' offerings, please show up or let them know you can't make it so someone else can benefit from the opportunity.


Event List

Week of 30 March

30 March - April 3: Skoll - Virtual Ecosystem Events

Skoll has put together a lineup of digital events focused on provoking-thought and helping people expand their skill sets during this time of quarantine. Learn more about the list of digital events on their website.



31 March: WeAreTheCity - You and Your Mental Health - A Masterclass in Self Care and Building Resilience with Ruth Cooper Dickson | 12:00-12:45 GMT

About: Ruth is a positive psychology practitioner and the Managing Director of Champs, a mental health consulting firm. Her team has worked with brands like Manchester United and Expedia building strategies to keep their teams engaged and emotionally healthy.


1 April: My Life My Say - #QuarantineQT | 6:30 AM GMT

About: My Life My Say is hosting a Quarantine Question Time and bringing together leaders and influencers across the political spectrum to discuss coronavirus. This event will feature a panel with a broad range of views ready to debate with one another. They will be answering questions throughout the event about COVID-19. 


1 April: Minds Webinar - Self-Care in the Time of COVID-19 | 7:00 PM IST

One Young World Ambassador Raghu Appasani and his foundation MINDS are putting on a webinar to discuss mental health during this pandemic. Speakers include Dr Crag Katz, clinical professor at Mount Sinai, Prakriti Poddar, founder of the Poddar Foundation, and Raghu Appasani founder and CEO of The MINDS Foundation.


1 April: Brand Innovators - Marketing & Management in This New Landscape with Alicia Tillman | 11:00 PDT

About: Alicia is the Global Chief Marketing Officer for SAP. She was ranked 14 on Forbes' 2019 most influential Chief Marketing Officer list. She has driven SAP's vision and brand with a commitment to putting customers first.


2 April: Brand Innovators - The Future of Media with Scott Bishoff | 3:00 PM EST

About: Scott is the Vice President of Media at FOX. He has led strategy and digital media for top companies and been a part of numerous successful product launches.


2 April: Tavial - Taking Your Business Plastic Neutral: An Intro Webinar | 10:30-11:30 AM (EEST)

About: This webinar brings Michael Hanf, the CEO and Executive Partner of Tavial, and Peter Hjemdahl, the Co-founder and CMO of rePurpose. This event focuses on the importance of businesses understanding their plastic footprint and tools and strategies to reduce that footprint. Participants in this webinar will learn about plastic offsetting and explore the idea of scaling up a circular economy worldwide.



2 April: UNEP FI - Corporate Impact Analysis Tool & Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks | 8:30-10:00 CET or 16:00-17:30 CET

About: This webinar will cover the launch of two Corporate Impact Analysis tools. This will help banks and investors understand a company's business profile and its financial impact. The tool will also help companies create strategic plans to improve their business model and increase their positive impacts. 


3 April: Brand Innovators - How Marketers Are Adapting in the Age of Coronavirus with Matt Repicky and Jennifer Sey | 11:00 - 5:00 PM (EST)

About: Matt Repicky, SVP, CMO at Jos. A. Bank Clothiers and Jennifer Sey, CMO, Global Brands at Levis, will join in a conversation about how to adapt marketing strategies to the new challenges posed by a coronavirus. 


Week of 6 April

7 April: Brand Innovators - Virtual Fireside Chat with Ashley Travis | 12:00 (PDT)

About: Ashley is the KFC Global Director of Digital Strategy at Yum! Brands. She has worked in marketing for more than fifteen years and held marketing positions at PepsiCo - Frito Lay, Starbucks and Amazon.


7 April: WeAreTheCity - How to Thrive During Uncertain Times - Being Resilient AF with Lisa Barnwell | 12:00-12:45 GMT

About: Lisa is the creator of The Imperfect Leader Program, a coaching program for leaders that want to improve their emotional intelligence, health, and mindset. Her program provides leaders with the tools they need to be more resilient and self-aware. In this webinar, Lisa will coach participants in the skills and tools they need to be better, more resilient leaders.


8 April: Brand Innovators - Programmatic Marketing with Paul Gelb | 12:00 PM (PST)

About: Paul Gelb is the Head of Digital Activation & Investment at Bayer. He is the former Head of Programmatic & Social at Bayer. He is also the Founder & CEO of PGC (Paul Gelb Consulting).


8 April: Aspen Initiative UK - How We Choose Our Leaders with Ruth Giradet 12:00-13:30 GMT

About: Ruth has twenty years of experience working in corporate responsibility and corporate ethics. In this seminar, she will discuss the importance of choosing good leaders and how to behave responsibly as a leader. Email [email protected] by 2 April to register.

9 April: Brand Innovators - Virtual Fireside Chat ---- Future of Media with Chad Mizée | 12:00 PM PST

About: Chad is the Senior Director of Global Media & Digital Excellence and North America Media Excellence at Johnson & Johnson. His expertise includes media, analytics, data strategy, content development, eCommerce and retail execution and business model innovation.


11 April: Aspen Initiative UK - Leadership in Different Times with Derek Wyatt | 10:00-11:30 AM GMT

About: Derek is an expert in international relations with degrees from King's College and Oxford University. He is a former Member of Parliament and he writes a monthly Politico Column. Email [email protected] by the end of 3 April to register.

Week of 13 April

14 April: WeAreTheCity - Toxic Environments: How to Spot Them, Avoid Them, Survive & Escape Them with Nicola Forbes-Taylor | 12:00-12:45 GMT

About: Nicola has a background working in HR and considers herself a “people aficionado.” In this webinar, she will bring experience from her years of experience in HR to teach people the key giveaways of a toxic work environment. Her tips will help participants identify giveaways within the recruitment process of a toxic environment as well as advising participants on how to determine their work environment as toxic and how to exit those toxic situations without “burning” any bridges.


14 April: Brand Innovators - Direct to Consumer Livecast with Mayur Gupta, David Bakey, and Helena Hambrecht | 12:00 PM PDT

Mayur Gupta - CMO at Freshly, David Bakey - VP of Direct to Consumer at Harry's and Helena Hambrecht - Co-Founder and Co-Ceo of Haus will discuss brand innovation and the most cutting edge techniques.


15 April: Brand Innovators - Virtual Fireside Chat --- Digital Media and Measurement with Chris Marino | 11:00 PM PDT

About: Chris is the Director of Global B2B Brand Strategy at American Express in the Global Commercial Sevices Division. In his role, he is using a brand to drive demand for the first digital content platform.


16 April: Aspen Initiative UK - 'All in the same boat?' with Professor Nick Harrison | 12:00-13:30 GMT 

About: Nick Harrison is a Professor of French and Postcolonial Studies at King's College in London. He has an abiding interest in the francophone world outside of Franch and has degrees in French and German from the University of Cambridge. Email [email protected] by 6 April to register for this seminar.

16 April: Brand Innovators - Virtual Fireside Chat --- Virtual Content with Jocelin Schultz and Matthew Fantazier | 11:00 AM PDT 

About: Jocelin and Matthew work in the Marketing Division at Johnson & Johnson. Matthew is the Head of Marketing of US Baby Brands and Jocelin is the Senior Marketing Manager of Digital & Sponsorships. 


17 April: Brand Innovators - Social Media with James Gregson | 12:00 PM PST

About: James is the Head of Social Content Studio at Lego. James has a background in marketing specifically 'non-traditional' brand strategy. In his current role, he is responsible for creating best-in-class digital content for LEGO social media.


Week of 22 April

April 21: UNEP - Nature-Related Financial Risks | 10:00-11:00 CET or 16:00-17:00 CET

About: This webinar will cover the latest research findings for financial institutions to assess natural capital risks and advice on how to address them. Speakers include:

  • Nick Robins - Professor in Practice of Sustainable Economics at the London School of Economics.

  • Alexia Semov - Project Specialist in New Nature Economy t the World Economic Forum.

  • Liesel van Ast - Acting Ecosystems Lead at UNEP FI.


April 24: WeAreTheCity - The Future World of Work - Technological Disruption: “Friend or Foe?” with Tracey Grove | 12:00-12:45 GMT

About: Tracey Groves is the CEO of Intelligent Ethics with a background in consulting. She is a Visiting Fellow at the IDEA Centre at the University of Leeds, where she trains students in Ethical Leadership. She has also delivered TEDx speeches, published research and served as a media commentator on the importance of good leadership in the 21st century. This webinar will focus on technology’s changing impact on the workplace and the skills needed to be at the leading edge of technological change.



Week of 27 April

28 April: WeAreTheCity - Sustaining in the Face of COVID-19 & Beyond with Dr Aarti Anhal | 12:00-12:45 GMT

About: Aarti Anhal is a resilience coach who runs a consultancy that strives to help make organizations prepared for the uncertainties of the future. This webinar focuses on the emotional strategies women need to help them stay resilient and thrive over the coming months.



Week of May 4

5 May: WeAreTheCity - Be Seen; Be Heard Make an Impact with Susan Heaton-Wright TIme: 12:00-12:45 GMT

About: Susan is a communications expert and creator of the Superstar Communicator methodology. Her seminar will focus on virtual communication and how workforces can communicate more effectively online. She will also give participants the tools they need to express their ideas and make an impact when they communicate.