Digital Inequity: How to Bridge the Divide • One Young World x Facebook


We are witnessing a technological revolution that will and is disrupting how we live, work, and relate to one another. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is inclusive of advancement in technologies in computing power, connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology and other innovations. The lines between our physical and digital worlds are blurring at an accelerated rate.

These advancements are bringing benefits to many but because of the speed, scope and impact of 4IR, millions are at risk of being left behind.

Join us as we address the greater inequalities imposed by labour market changes, gaps in education, the gender divide, and the critical role of social media in ensuring we can build a world that is inclusive, just, and ethical. The session will begin with an opening keynote and panel discussion followed by an audience Q&A.

Time & Date: Friday 16 April 2021, 4.30pm - 5.45pm UTC



Ime headshot

Ime Archibong

Ime Archibong is Head of New Product Experimentation at Facebook, where he leads a community of entrepreneurs testing new standalone experiences with the goal to meaningfully improve people’s lives.

Previously, he was Facebook’s Vice President of Product Partnerships, where he built the global team that manages strategic partnerships aligned with Facebook's mission. This included developers, community leaders, and nonprofits.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Yale University, where he was Captain of the Varsity Basketball team, and also received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he served as class president. He is a listed inventor on more than a dozen technical patents, and serves on the boards of many nonprofits focused on empowering underserved youth, students and entrepreneurs.


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Abeer Abu Ghaith

Abeer is known as a trailblazer for women and young people in the Middle East; a tireless and innovative entrepreneur; and an international businesswoman before the age of 30. Abeer grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp and while she graduated with honors she was unable to find her first career steps. It was then that she decided to launch her own company, MENA Alliances. Abeer’s company has trained more than 3,000 women and young people and created more than 700 job opportunities for people in disadvantaged communities by connecting global companies with top professionals from the Middle East and North Africa region. Their flagship initiative, 'Train Data to Train Talent' aims to transform short term data training jobs into long term job opportunities in software development.


Mozamel headshot

Mozamel Aman

Mozamel Aman is an entrepreneur at heart and loves the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and impact. As a founding member of several startup organizations, Mozamel has gained a unique perspective of looking at problems. He is a firm believer that with privilege comes great responsibility, and it is this driving force that sustainable social ventures are built on. Mozamel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Startupistan and StartSteps.


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Shreya Mantha

Shreya Mantha is a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Management Science & Engineering. Prior to Stanford, Shreya co-founded Foundation For Girls (FFG), a social venture that economically empowers homeless single mothers and supports their children. FFG invests in women to become financially savvy, digitally capable, career confident, and socially connected. Shreya's interest lies at the intersection of AI, Finance, and Entrepreneurship for social change. She is committed to building entrepreneurial technology solutions for long-term systemic, sustainable, and scalable change.



Levern Ramshubby, headshot

Levern Ramshubby

Levern Ramshubby is a Manager at PwC South Africa. She plays a key role in helping clients shape their businesses to be future fit through the delivery of an agile and skilled workforce. With the ever-changing work environment, Levern not only plays a role in driving positive change and impact in the world of work but also in the very communities we live in. With her passion to make a difference and being identified as a future leader at PwC, Levern attended One Young World in 2017. After the Summit Levern aimed to become an enabling force for the community in Southern Africa and took up the OYW Southern Africa Coordinating Ambassador role for 2 years. Levern now focuses her time on using her corporate platform to drive positive change in various communities across South Africa. Levern co-leads the societal impact strategic pillar for PwC South Africa Advisory. This platform is embedded in the UN global goals and focuses on supporting the community, PwC and clients through the delivery of 3 key pillars being Education, Community Support and Skills for Society.


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