Discover: United Citizens democracy movement

You could join the United Citizens movement as a founding member.

About United Citizens

This will be the first democratically run global institution with the main focus of holding tech organisations to account.

United Citizens wants to make sure that the fourth industrial revolution leads to progress for all, with nobody being left behind.

Notable members include:

  • Lord Clement-Jones. Former Chair of House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence
  • Joshua Wong. Noble Peace Prize nominee & Secretary-General of Demosisto 
  • Lord Alton. Author, "Citizen 21: Citizenship in the New Millennium

What you get as a founding member:

  1. Campaign on global issues for social impact
  2. Influence the global tech agendas
  3. Be part of a global network of engaged citizens with access to an exclusive online platform
  4. Run to be an elected member of the advisory board
  5. Vote for campaigns and debate ideas
  6. Discounted tickets to events, workshops and seminars
  7. Monthly newsletter
  8. Resources pack on how to make a difference

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