External Breakouts

1. The problem facing global society; what can technology do?

Host: Google

Venue: The Foundry

Whether it’s an innovative application of existing capabilities, or something brand new and bespoke, technology has the power to affect change, fast. It connects, informs and empowers us. 

The problems facing society today don't all have technological solutions, but many do, and when leveraged in the right way we know technology can transform lives. Every successful project starts with a first step, taken by a person or team with the desire to make a difference. Come join the conversation with them in Google’s European Headquarters as part of the One Young World breakout afternoon. Hear about some of the ground-breaking global ideas that are already in progress, the local initiatives that are changing communities and have your say.

The afternoon will be hosted in The Foundry, Google's flagship event centre for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Opened in September 2013, to mark Google's 10 year anniversary in Ireland, The Foundry has played host to a number of events across a wide range of topics; innovation, education, advertising, entrepreneurship, thought leadership, partnerships, government and policy. We're delighted to welcome One Young World delegates to join us in The Foundry for a session that promises to be innovative and inspirational.

2. Developing Economies with the Internet

Host: Facebook

Venue: Facebook Headquarters

As a company dedicated to giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected, Facebook is the perfect fit for a discussion on using the Internet as a means to develop and advance economies worldwide. 

Facebook is a member of Internet.org, a global partnership between technology leaders, non-profits, local communities and experts who are working together to bring the Internet to the two thirds of the world’s population that doesn't have it. They are working together to explore possible solutions on three key areas of opportunity: affordability, efficiency and business models.

Providing a strong connection between three of this year’s plenary topics, global business, sustainable development and human rights, this interactive workshop and discussion will provide more insight into Facebook’s social and economic initiatives, specifically Internet.org. Gareth Lambe, Facebook’s Regional Operations Director EMEA, will join the conversation with delegates.

The breakout will take place at Facebook’s European Headquarters. The office is located at Grand Canal Square, a cultural and commercial development in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands. Delegates will leave the session with Facebook Swag Bags.

3. The Ultimate Destination: An Irishman’s Mission to Mars

Host: Trinity College

Venue: The Science Gallery, PACCAR Theatre

Dr. Joseph Roche is aiming to be one of the first humans to set foot on Mars in 10 years’ time.

Having first announced its plans in 2003, a Dutch non-profit group known as Mars One is attempting to achieve what the leading government space agencies of the world have failed to do, that is, making it actually possible to become an interplanetary species within the first half of the 21st century.

Joseph Roche made a name for himself in Ireland as one of the final 705 candidates remaining from more than 200,000 across the world who could find themselves a part of the first four-person crew to take part in the Mars-bound programme and go down in history. Joseph is the Research Projects Co-ordinator and Education Learning Manager at the Science Gallery in Trinity College, which will be home to this captivating One Young World breakout session.

Joseph intends to share his plans on the Mission to Mars and engage with delegates speaking on the endless possibilities open to them and how they too, can become future leaders who can make history.

4. Societies to Society: How Universities can play a role in Youth Entrepreneurship

Host: Trinity College

Venue: The Hamilton Building, Trinity

This exciting session is hosted by Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest and most notable university. Trinity College is recognised for academic excellence a transformative student experience. Trinity is located in the heart of Dublin city centre and will also be the location of this breakout on youth entrepreneurship in universities.

Delegates will be welcomed by the Dean of Research, Professor Vinny Cahill, and then the session will continue with an interactive discussion with the finalists of LaunchBox 2014. 

LaunchBox runs a 3-month accelerator programme open to teams of Trinity students (undergrad and postgrad) with an early-stage business idea. This unique incubator provides coaching, expert advice, seed funding and access to space and facilities needed to test out and launch new ventures. The programme aims to support students in developing investor-ready ventures. Supported by the Trinity Angels, a network of Trinity alumni and friends, LaunchBox offers an innovative combination of practice and education.

These finalists will share their ideas and experience, and then delegates will have an opportunity to test the products, interact with the finalists and see how they can work towards identifying how to utilise their skills in developing their entrepreneurial ideas.

5. Peace and Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland

Host: GAA

Venue: Croke Park Stadium

Delegates are invited to the Croke Park Stadium, the largest sports stadium in Ireland and the fourth largest in Europe, for this breakout session. Croke Park was the scene of the killing of 14 civilians during the Irish War of Independence, making it an iconic venue for Irish nationalists and thus, will provide an historic setting for delegates to learn about the Irish peace process from former prisoners Jackie McDonald and Sean Murray. They will offer a personal perspective on how the conflict evolved and impacted on individuals and communities, and they will tell the story of their personal journeys from conflict to peace.

Dr. Martin McAleese, former member of Seanad Éireann (commonly called the Senate), initiated a series of meetings with senior loyalist paramilitary leaders to further the peace process. During the session, he will outline the process of the development of the Good Friday Agreement (Belfast Agreement), the many challenges along the way and its potential relevance for other contexts.

Professor Meghan O’Sullivan is currently the Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She is a former assistant to the U.S. president and U.S. deputy national security adviser on Iraq and Afghanistan from 2004 to 2007 and will conclude the breakout by introducing delegates to the continuing challenges and the efforts being made to resolve them.

6. A Legacy of Philanthropy

Host: Diageo

Venue: Guinness Storehouse

This session will examine the Guinness legacy of philanthropy and show how Diageo remains true to that philosophy today, 255 years later. This session will also empower delegates with the skills and insights to bring some of what they have learned back to their own organisation.

The Guinness Archive is the largest corporate archive in Ireland, with records going back more than 200 years. This archive is a rich tapestry detailing the Guinness Company’s commitment to the local area and to Dublin at large.

This session will connect this history with the present and will include some of the inspirational recipients of the Arthur Guinness Fund. This is an interactive session and delegates will be invited to participate and share ideas.

The session will also include a tour of Irelands No.1 tourist attraction, the Guinness Storehouse, as well as a lesson in pouring the perfect pint. Come and join us, let’s have fun and be inspired.

7. Global Business: Mobilising your Community

Host: Pernod Ricard and IDL by Irish Distillers/Pernod

Venue: Old Jameson Distillery

This session will focus on how important it is in global business to recognise the power of the ‘Community’. Whether this is the external community, the internal community or even smaller sub groups within the larger community. Each of these is extremely powerful in its own right and important to the success of global business.

This session will provide a practical example of how Pernod Ricard as an organisation has mobilised its different communities, as well as how a group of One Young World delegates from 2013 went about mobilising their internal community to create real change within the organisation.

The final section of this session will be to allow delegates to work on their own ideas for creating change by setting up informal group brainstorming sessions, hosted by a mentor. Here delegates can work together on how to improve their ideas but also on how to make them a reality.

Delegates will need to bring their own ideas to this session for working on with the wider group.

Of course there will also be a fun element, too – a great lunch, a distillery tour and a cocktail/ mocktail in the bar afterwards.

8. Are you an Angel? Discover and use your Moral DNA

Host: Chartered Accountants Ireland

Venue: Chartered Accountants Ireland Headquarters

Chartered Accountants Ireland is delighted to host a highly interactive session exploring how individuals’ personal moral styles influence business leadership. In the session, delegates will discover their own personal “MoralDNA” and explore ways of using that insight to better understand past projects and to plan for their businesses and personal goals in the future. If you’re working in management, training in accounting, law, consulting or professional services, or are a board member in the private or public sector, this session is for you.

Every person makes decisions using a combination of ethical perspectives which are driven, in turn, by a set of moral values including fairness, courage, trust, honesty and more.

Research (using MoralDNA TM) now offers a unique insight into these characteristics and enables participants to discover which one of six character types they most closely resemble: Philosophers, Judges, Angels, Teachers, Enforcers and Guardians.

Understanding your own style, and the styles of those you work with, can improve relationships and help you achieve your goals.

You can find out about your own personal moral DNA, whether or not you’re attending the session, at www.charteredaccountants.ie/MoralDNA

9. Stimulating Economic Growth Through Technology

Host: Wayra

Venue: Wayra

Wayra, an organisation that accelerates digital start-ups with cool workspace, mentoring and funding, is the host of this informative and interactive session. The Wayra Academy in Dublin will be the location of the session, and thus delegates will get to experience one of the most impressive global co-working spaces and gain a deeper understanding of the Irish innovation.

This session will explore the importance of technology in stimulating economic growth. The objective of the session is to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to build a technology ecosystem and develop an action plan to implement in delegates home nation:

1) Deliver an action plan to lead a technology education programme in your home nation.

2) Deliver an action plan to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and start-up growth in delegate home nation.

The breakout will begin with an influential keynote speaker, Mary Maloney. Mary is CEO of CoderDojo, the open source, volunteer led, global movement of free coding clubs for young people.  There will also be an interactive panel discussion from Startup Ireland, a grassroots organisation providing an independent focal point for the Irish startup community regionally, nationally and internationally with the objective of increasing the number of Irish startups that start and scale successfully.  

The session will also consist of 2 action workshops where delegates will work together to deliver action plans on both topics.

10. Proliferating Literacy

Host: KPMG

Venue: KPMG - Stephen's Green Offices

KPMG is an organisation dedicated to serving children at every stage of their academic career through its corporate citizenship programs, both nationally and internationally. KMPG was the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2013 and is honoured to host a breakout session on literacy initiatives for One Young World delegates.

The topic will be introduced by Lord Michael Hastings, KPMG’s International Head of Corporate Citizenship and Diversity and Vice-President of UNICEF UK.

At the local level, KPMG is involved in the ‘Get Cents’ programme. During the session, Karina Howley will give greater insight into the ‘Get Cents’ programme, which provides educational courses on basic personal financial management for early school leavers. 

Next, Meghan Bracken will speak on KPMG’s global literacy programme, KPMG Families for Literacy (KFFL). Knowing that strong reading skills are the basis for future success, and understanding that the toughest roadblock to children’s literacy in low-income communities is a lack of books, the (KFFL) was established to combat childhood illiteracy. Managed in collaboration with First Book, KFFL provides new books to children from low income families.

The session will conclude with a workshop element where groups will discuss ways delegates could proliferate more literacy initiatives back in their home countries.

11. The Sporting Life – Breaking down Barriers

Host: Sport For Business

Venue: Na Fianna GAA Club

This session will take place at the home grounds of Na Fianna GAA Club, home to one of Ireland’s most successful sports clubs. With access to a fine modern clubhouse, a seminar area opened only this month by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, and excellent grass and all weather playing surfaces, the location is perfect for a unique, educational, and highly interactive sporting experience. The discussion will be held by Sport for Business, a local organisation that connects sport and business in ways that go well beyond the standard forms of sponsorship and hospitality.

The breakout will use three interactive sessions to show how sport can fire peoples’ enthusiasm to overcome the barriers that people face in terms of gender, sectarianism and prejudice.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from, and play with, speakers of three sporting organisations including “Peace Players”, uniting educating and inspiring young people in divided communities through Basketball, Experience Gaelic Games, who will teach how to play our national sport of hurling and the a group of Ireland’s leading women soccer players delivering an interactive version of the Continental Tyres roadshow.

This will be a fun, engaging session, with sport at its heart, and will show the way that this most universal language can be used to great effect.

12. Ethical Supply Chains - Conflict Free Minerals

Host: Intel

Venue: Wood Quay

Minerals are integral to the technology and other things we rely on every day. Militias and rebel groups sometimes fund their violent conflict with money derived from the sale of these minerals, termed “conflict minerals”. It’s the deadliest conflict since WWII.

Highlighting the reality of conditions within regions that are affected by minerals sourced under conflict, this breakout session will host special guests who have lived in these conditions and will share their story.

Aisling Moore, a One Young World delegate, has worked for a number of years with the Irish-based charity, Wezesha, who work with members of the Africa diaspora community based in Ireland with the aim of empowering Africans, particularly women and children, who have been affected by conflict, violence and poverty. Aisling will talk about how organisations and communities in developed countries can work to support those affected.

An Intel speaker will also join the session to outline how industry can pro-actively support the drive for conflict free mineral sourcing. Intel was one of the first companies to address the issue of conflict minerals in its supply and has worked diligently to ensure that its microprocessors are now containing minerals sourced in conflict free environments.

The breakout will be held in the Dublin’s Wood Quay Venue. This spectacular state-of-the-art venue features a stretch of the original Hiberno Norse (Viking) City Wall dating from 1100AD.

13. Alternative Education & Employment Models

Host: Siemens

Venue: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Manufacturing Facility

Siemens is strongly engaged in the growth of science and engineering skills to create a workforce equipped to deal with global challenges. Its factory in Ireland is taking a lead role in developing alternative education and employment models with a focus on applied learning and sees threefold benefits: its young people become more employable, its companies have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable workforce; its society sees a fall in unemployment and a stronger economy.

For this session, delegates will be taken to the Siemens Diagnostics manufacturing plant in Swords, near Dublin. On arrival at the site, there will be an introduction to the over-arching theme of alternative education and employment models before going on a brief tour. During this tour, delegates will stop at three points for more in-depth discussion of:

  • The medical instruments made at the plant and the field of Haematology
  • Instrument refurbishment
  • Meeting the Swords trainees

The session will end with reflections on the discussions from the day and the conference and then a forum with the panel below.


Juergen Siebel, Head of International Business for Siemens Professional Education & Martin Hottass, Head of Skills Management for Siemens North West Europe (advisors to the Ireland team on developing the traineeship model).

Philippa Taaffe, Head of HR & Mike Farrell, Head of Production at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics manufacturing plant in Swords.


Dr. Sinead Keogh, Director of the Irish Medical Devices Association (trade representation body). 

14. Sustainable mobility

Host: Volkswagn AG

Venue: Aviva Stadium 

As a global automotive brand, Volkswagen takes on responsibility – for employees, customers and society as well as for the environment. Therefore ecological sustainability is a major corporate objective at Volkswagen in order to become the most ecologically sustainable car manufacturer in the world by 2018. This means much more than building efficient cars. It is about looking at the bigger picture considering the entire life-cycle of a car and about thinking beyond.

Therefore, this breakout session will combine mobility and sustainability topics focusing on the role of mobility uniting people, providing access and thus enabling development. It will give us the unique opportunity to look at major challenges from a global perspective with direct and personal input from the delegates.

Following a key note speech from Volkswagen representatives, the further session will have a workshop character: Participants will develop ideas in teams with inspiration given by us and thereby helping to shape the future of mobility.

As we also want to further develop the first insights we gained on various mobility challenges in emerging countries at our breakout session last year, we would be pleased if you could support us in creating a deeper level of discussion in Dublin and give us insights about your countries' and personal mobility behaviour. In return you will get the chance for a unique car experience. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our break out session on sustainable mobility.

15. Lighten Up – Labels are for Jam Jars

Host: Kanchi

"Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.”  – Oscar Wilde

As human beings, we are more alike than we are different. So what is the big deal?

Why, so often, is being different so difficult? Why is it that so many of us hide our difference to be accepted? What is our preoccupation with perfection? How is it that, if a person is different, at worst they face discrimination, isolation and alienation? And what is normal anyway?

In a highly interactive and creative session, delegates will be immersed in a completely blackened out space and challenged to explore the themes of identity, individuality, perceptions of difference and normal, and the limitations of labels and stereotypes.

To frame the discussion, delegates will hear from four high-profile speakers:

Joanne O’Riordan is only one of seven people in the world living with a rare physical disability known as Total Amelia, meaning she was born without all four limbs. She has used technology to enhance her abilities and adapted her life in such a way that it has given her international acclaim.

Rory O'Neill, also known by his stage name as Panti, is a drag queen and gay rights activist. In response to a national controversy over his comment about some homophobic Irish journalists, Panti delivered a momentous speech that was described as "the most eloquent Irish speech" in almost 200 years.

Minnie Mélange is a fashion blogger (voted ‘Blog of the Year’ by Image.ie) and the 2012 winner of Miss Alternative Ireland, an annual beauty pageant that raises money for HIV/AIDS organisations in Ireland.  At 3’5” tall, Minnie’s life has been a bit different than the average person’s.

Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick is a communications professional and keynote speaker. Born legally blind, she has pursued activities to challenge stereotypes of inability throughout her life. A Millennium Scholar, 2013 Wave Change Social Entrepreneur and Kanchi Alum, Amie pioneers difference as a normative part of society.

Our ONE world should be a world where everyone gets to belong, to be themselves, to reach their individual potential and to have their voice heard - a world where difference is valued, accepted and respected. How can we create this world?"

16. Mental Health – Stigma as a Barrier to Humanity

Host: World Press Photo

Venue: The chq Building

In this breakout session delegates are invited to contribute to a conversation about mental health stigma. Globally, mental health is often looked at as a taboo. Conversation is stunted by stigma, discrimination and victimisation. In this breakout, all speakers agree that conversation is crucial to break down the assumptions about mental health. The objective of this session is to equip delegates with the tools to start important conversations in their own communities.

International award winning photojournalist, Robin Hammond, will share his experiences of documenting the extreme victimisation of mental health sufferers in post conflict African states. We then invite Jane-Ann McKenna, Director of Medecins Sans Frontieres Ireland to lead a conversation around the role of international aid organisations in shaping treatment. Tony Bates, Founding Director of Headstrong Ireland, will then describe how his experiences in Ghana and the My World model of conversation led him to found the Jigsaw model in Ireland. One Young World Ambassador, Cassie Delaney, will then talk about her project Love, From Future You and the power of social media to reduce stigma.

Delegates will then be asked to participate in Love, From Future You. This will involve writing a postcard of advice and sharing it with fellow delegates. The responses will be filmed for a short One Young World edition of the project.

17. From Home to Human - A Photographic Journey

Host: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Venue: Waterways Ireland Visitor’s Centre

“An image of the Earth, its landscapes, directly affects people. The beauty of the Earth creates enormous emotion, and through that emotion, you can transmit knowledge and raise consciousness” – Yaan Arthus-Bertrand

This interactive breakout session is led by Yaan Arthus-Bertrand, French photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist. Yaan’s work continues to show his commitment to awakening a collective responsibility and conscience worldwide.

During the session, Yaan will explain how he got involved in photography and how this led to his best-selling book, Earth from Above, and the film, Home, in which both showcase the beauty of the earth and therefore, promote love for it. 

Yaan will also be joined by French producer, Florent Gilard, who has been working with him for 10 years on the production and technical end of his work. Florent will share insights into one of Yann's biggest projects to date, 7 Billion Others. This project is the root of Human, Yaan’s documentary film that aims to be a sensitive and loving portrait of who we are, as a community, a family, but most importantly, as individuals.

This session will be held at the scenic Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre, located on the waters of the Grand Canal Dock.

18. Transforming Lives through Music

Host: DIT Ballymun Music Project

Venue: Ballymun

This session will introduce delegates to the amazing work that is being done by the DIT Ballymun Music Project in transforming young people's lives in a very disadvantaged community in Ballymun, an area of North Dublin that has experienced years of neglect.

In the 1960s in Ballymun, many of the “wealthier” families moved out leaving the remaining buildings, to be divided and split among the more disadvantaged residents causing living conditions to become poor.  Thus, from 1966-1969, the Seven Towers were built in an effort to house more people. These towers were fifteen storeys tall and were named after the seven leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916. The government also built smaller “blocks” for additional housing. Yet, overtime conditions in the flats became poor again and as more people moved out of Ballymun, the tower blocks became desolate. Finally, the Dublin City Council drew up new plans to demolish the towers and build new residential areas. The first demolition began in 2004.

Delegates will have the opportunity to visit the site of the former tower blocks and engage in a music class with students of the DIT Ballymun Music Project. The project is part of an undergoing programme of regeneration for the community of Ballymun.

19. Power Play? Fair Play? How to give everyone in the world access to electricity, without destroying the planet’

Host: ESB International

Venue: ESB International

This breakout session will focus on the challenge of bringing sustainable electricity supplies to the estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide who currently have no access to electricity. Electricity is a fundamental enabler of economic and social progress and people generally agree that everyone in the world should have fair access to it. However, doing this using traditional electricity generating technologies could result in serious environmental consequences.

At the start of the breakout session, there will be three short inputs. One will provide a high level overview of the global energy sector, one will look at solutions to the challenges facing Africa in providing off grid power to rural areas and the third will look at emerging sustainable technologies.  Delegates will then be placed into teams and, with the help of a mentor, will be asked to come up with ideas focused on key challenges, high level policy solutions as well as the major stakeholders that need to be involved and potential next steps that individual countries might take.

Inputs will derive from our three featured speakers:

Peter O’Shea, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Strategy at ESB. Peter is also a Board Member of the BritishIrish Chamber of Commerce and chairs its Energy Policy Committee.
Severus Sheetekela, Project Engineer for NamPower SPN Sheetekela, Namibia. His areas of interest are in power systems planning, power system simulation, control and dynamics, renewable energies and project management.
Brendan Barry, Manager of Emerging Energy Technologies at ESB. Brendan currently manages the WestWave project, a pioneering initiation which aims to have a 5MW pre-commercial wave farm operational off the West Coast of Ireland by 2018.

For more information about ESB International please visit: www.esb.ie & www.youtube.com/user/Esbinternational

20. The future of 21st century cities

Host: Dublin Town

Venue: Clery's Department Store

This will be an interactive discussion, where we can look at emerging international trends, and then seek to extrapolate from those trends to consider what shape our cities are likely to take from 2025 and beyond. 

Delegates will be asked to comment on the ideas proffered by industry expert, Richard Guiney.  In particular, they will be invited to comment on what they expect a modern city to offer them; their views on rural depopulation; their views on urban sustainability and how we can maintain a sustainable quality of life while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

There is a growing view that larger cities will continue to grow while we will see rapid rural depopulation and the demise of smaller towns.  Average educational attainment is rising and with this has been a growth in the arts, entertainment and sports.  Socially, we are seeing emerging trends in how people socialize.  There is a greater understanding of the negative aspects of excessive alcohol consumption while binge drinking continues. 

Delegates will be asked to contribute to the discussion as to how cities can accommodate a safe space where people of all ages can socialize in peace and comfort and where acceptable social behaviour can be fostered.

21. “We need to talk about ethics because…..”

Host: UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Venue: Institute of Banking

“As we leave behind a crisis that caused such reputational damage to our country, this debate will, I hope, contribute to the building of more just and sustainable versions of Ireland’s future.”

– Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland

The session will begin by introducing the President of Ireland’s Ethics Initiative, and the “we need to talk about ethics because…….” campaign, launched in February 2014 to discuss Irish students’ opinions of ethical issues. After an introduction to these initiatives, the session will then focus specifically on the “we need to talk about ethics because…” campaign, in which Irish students captured and shared their own thoughts on why ethics are important. Delegates will be shown a sample of these ideas, and will then be asked to complete the whiteboard exercise themselves.

The final part of the session will focus on translating ideas into actions - taking the ethical issues of importance raised by the delegates by identifying practical steps and committing to one personal action.

22. Education of the Heart

Host: Tony Griffin: The Soar Foundation  

Venue: Chocolate Factory

“My dream is that our young people will have the opportunity to really be themselves and live their potential. – Tony Griffin

Tony grew up in County Clare where he realised a boyhood dream when he represented Clare in Hurling from 2000 to 2009, winning a GAA All Star in 2006.

In 2007, he took a hiatus from Hurling to cycle a bicycle 7000kms across Canada and Ireland in his father’s memory. This adventure and subsequent challenges raised over €1 million for various cancer research programs and care centres. The story of the 7000km Ride for the Cure was told in the highly acclaimed and multi-award nominated 2010 book, Screaming at the Sky.

Currently, Tony is co-founder of the Soar Foundation, which creates and delivers early intervention programs for young people aged 12-18 where within a safe and supportive environment they are given the opportunity to be themselves, to build emotional awareness, self-belief and resilience.

Led by Tony, this breakout will be based on the work of Soar but tailored for One Young World delegates. The session will be a mix of the theory around how to authentically connect with young people and an experiential exploration of how this can enhance the delegates own ability to create meaningful connections in their lives.

23. How to Use Your Social Network to Change the World

Host: Unilever Project Sunlight and Upworthy present…

Venue: The Gibson Hotel

For young, mission-driven leaders with extensive social networks, the potential to spread a message and activate a digital community for good is unlimited - if you understand the principles and tactics that can help maximize this space and really change the world.

Upworthy is one of the fastest growing media companies. Anywhere. Ever. Why? Because they aren't just focused on making content go viral. Their goal is to make sure that world-changing, important content does what it's meant to do: touch people and make a difference. And they do it through a magical combination of content creation and curation.

Those aren't just overused media buzzwords. They are the secret sauce that transforms passive online viewers and "clickers" into inspired and empowered change-makers. In this session, experienced leaders from Upworthy and Unilever will reveal the key principles that guide high-impact content sharing online. And then, through a fun interactive workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to apply what they've learned right on the spot and leave with a tried and true method of taking their work, their cause and their voice to new heights.

See more about the Unilever and Upworthy partnership @


24. Conversation Café: Shared space, shared awareness and shared decision-making

Host: Youth Bank/Irish Youth Foundation 

Venue: The chq Building - Starbucks

YouthBank channels the innovation and commitment of the next generation of leaders and peace-builders by creating conditions in which they make real decisions about real money to achieve changes that matter to them. The peace-building value of YouthBank was first seen in Northern Ireland following nearly three decades of violent internal conflict.  YouthBank provides a unique opportunity to explore our deepest differences in order to create a more shared society.  It values difference and promotes equality.

Since 2002, the YouthBank model has spread its wings and is now replicated in over 25 countries with an estimated 2,500 young people acting in leadership roles as grant-makers and operating in some 216 local YouthBanks from Ireland to central Europe, from the Balkans to Central Asia, from the Middle East to Africa.

YouthBank invites delegates to attend a “conversation café style” workshop, which will give insight into an innovative, youth-led grant-making programme as a platform for generating real change in their communities. This session will interest those wishing to actively participate in getting funding and decision-making responsibility into the hands of young people, nurturing youth philanthropy and social entrepreneurs, increasing employability opportunities and supporting projects to address longstanding problems in communities.

25. The responsibilities of Leaders to change lives – Social Justice in Action

Host: Dublin City Council

Venue: The Culture Box

This will be a challenging dialogue which calls participants to action and acknowledges the responsibilities of world leaders in caring for the most vulnerable in society. Inspired by two speakers, Father Peter McVerry SJ and Helen O’Leary, and facilitated by Councillor Criona Ni Dhalaigh, delegates will explore how young leaders can change society by changing lives and addressing marginalisation.

Father Peter, founder of the Peter McVerry Trust, an organisation dedicated to tackling issues of homelessness, drug abuse and social disadvantage. Since his ordination in 1975, he has opened twelve hostels, four drug treatment centres and over 130 apartments. He has written on many issues relating to young homeless people. In 2003, he produced a book of his writings, The Meaning is in the Shadows. 

Helen joined Dublin City Council in 2007.  During her time she began working with UN Women to develop the Dublin Safe City programme, which aims to reduce sexual harassment and violence against women in public. In her new role, Helen will be working on the drafting of a city wide Local Economic and Community Plan, which will identify and implement actions to develop the economic and community dimensions of the area.

This informal breakout will be held at The Culture Box, a leading community arts venue set in Dublin’s creative Temple Bar district.

26. The Joy of the Start-Up

Host: Dublin City Council

Venue: Ormonde Quay Building

This highly interactive session is an exploration and dialogue around entrepreneurship and start-ups. Entrepreneurship is often realised in the establishment of new business. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the joy, pain and rebirth experience of those who start up new businesses.  Stimulated by inputs from Niamh Bushnell and Daniel Ramamoorth, this workshop is designed to identify fears, express hopes and share knowledge. In particular, it will allow delegates to learn how starting up in Dublin might work for them.

Daniel is an entrepreneur, business strategist, investment consultant, and adviser to both not-for-profits and for-profits. As the son of an Indian diplomat, he draws his experience from being a global citizen growing up in 10 countries around the world. Daniel is CEO and Co-Founder of Treehouse, which aims to be Ireland's first multi-disciplinary coworking and innovation centre, and is thus, the location of this year’s breakout session on business start-ups.

Niamh Bushnell co-founded her first company, Pan Research, in Dublin in 1996 and was recently appointed Dublin's first Commissioner for Start-ups. Her mission as Commissioner is to develop a voice, an image and a platform for Dublin as a great start-up city, nationally and internationally. Niamh is also the co-founder of IDIRUS, a purpose-built peer to peer networking and mentor matching platform.