Apply: Y20 Global Video Contest

About the Opportunity

At Company New Heroes, we are currently on a mission to engage the global youth in discussing what really matters. We want YOU to directly tell the world leaders what needs to be heard and done. Through our Youth Priorities Initiative project for Y20 Community, we are aiming to connect a young, diverse and global community to the Y20 Youth Summit. An event bringing youth leaders from all G20 countries together to discuss, debate and take action towards the most pressing economic challenges and opportunities of the world today. In order to give everyone the opportunity to speak up we are launching an open call for video submissions, asking young people (18-35) from all over the world (including non-G20 countries) to creatively share and visualize their ideas, opinions, insights and experiences on any of the current topics on the Y20 agenda.

The final, curated selection of videos will of course be posted on various international video platforms, while winners will also receive invitations to the virtual Y20 summit 12-18 October. But most importantly: these videos are meant to inspire and influence this years’ Y20 Delegates while they are writing policy recommendations for the G20.



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