Become an One Young World Content Champion!


Do you want to help to inspire other young leaders to create a fair, sustainable world?

We need your help!


Across our social media we want to inspire young leaders to create a fair, sustainable world. 


We are looking for 10 Ambassadors to become ‘content champions’ to help us create content for our social media channels that will change the world. 


We want to feature real stories of young leaders like you, who are taking action that will inspire and empower other young leaders around the world to start taking action! We want to tell these stories in interesting, new, fun and creative way!

We will work closely with each content champion to understand their story, their mission and the work they are doing to make a difference. Together we will figure out how best to share your tips, experience and impact with our Ambassador Community and wider global audience across social media. 


Each month we hope to feature a different content champion on our channels. This is an incredible opportunity to raise your profile and shine a light on the work you are doing. 


The content we create with our content champions might look like:

  • A series of informative TikTok videos 
  • An interview - video or blog post 
  • Collaborations with other Ambassadors working in your field 
  • Short reels/videos for example: 
    • one thing you wish everyone knew about the topic you are most passionate about; your top three tips on being an effective leader; 
    • the best piece of advice you ever received…
    • Your biggest inspiration/role model
    • 5 things everyone can to do support [your area of work] 
  • Clips from your place of work showing an insight into what you do and how you do it

Here is some content inspiration below - do you think you could help us make Reels and TikToks like these ones?

Examples of informative content we’d like to create:

Examples of short video content we’d like to create:

We are committed to selecting a diverse cohort of content champions from across sectors and countries.

Content champions must be: 

  • One Young World Ambassadors
  • Comfortable being on video 
  • Prepared to film their own content on a cameraphone with help and guidance from our team
  • Able to share their tips and experiences about taking action and making an impact in a specific field 
  • Commit to making themselves available to work with our communications team during one month of the year - for between 1-3 hours per week. We will work with you to agree which month, with a view to working with a different content champion each month. 
  • Commit to attending some online training/zoom sessions outside of your allocated month. We will keep these to a minimum and try to work with content champion schedules and timezones. 

We are looking for Ambassadors from anywhere in the world who are passionate about any of the following topics:

  • Cleaning up our oceans 
  • LGBTQ+ rights 
  • Ending gender-based violence 
  • Sustainable development 
  • Ethical leadership 
  • Race equality 
  • Peace building 
  • Ending hunger and poverty 
  • Ending slavery and human trafficking 
  • Using tech for good 
  • Ethical businesses and entrepreneurship 

Interested in applying?

The deadline has been extended to 23:59 BST on September 26th.

Apply here