The Better Their World: Showcase your project

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The Better Their World (BTW) Database is a curated, freely-available listing of completed real-world student projects with a measurable positive impact on the world.

Our goal is to inspire kids and teachers to do create more of these types of initiatives by showing them the types of projects that students around the world are capable of, and have already done.

Who can contribute?

We're seeking high-impact projects at all levels: elementary/primary, middle school, high school/secondary, and college/tertiary/university. Each student team, as well as those who coach and/or sponsor the projects, gets credit in the database. 

This is a great opportunity to showcase your project, as well as inspiring the next generation of students!

To contribute

Contributing a project is really easy -- we do most of the work. You can submit a project for curation here or via the link below.

For each submission, we would like to know:

  • A project name (ideally in the format : "Designing a..." or "Building a..." (or any other verb)
  • A brief project description (i.e. a summary in one or two sentences)

  • An extended project description (of any length)

  • Year done and where (city, country)

  • Grade level(s) of students doing project

  • The project's Measurable Positive Impact on the World (Note: This can be qualitative---e.g. "Better relations between community and police"---but if the impact is only on those doing the project, and not on the world, or if the project is only a class project for a grade, that's not the kind of project we're looking for.)

  • A banner and thumbnail image

  • A URL link to a YouTube video (if one exists)

  • Contact information for those who want more information about the project.


Any questions? Contact Marc at [email protected].