Business Fights Poverty - Global Goals Summit 2021

Business Fights Poverty Global Goals Summit

COVID-19 has had and continues to have a devastating impact on the lives, livelihoods and learning opportunities of millions of people around the world, especially the most vulnerable. The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021 shows the profound impact that the pandemic has had on the gains that have been made towards the SDGs - from progress on gender equity to the rise in poverty.

At the same time, with the COP26 climate summit imminent, it is clear that we need to put people at the centre of our strategies to tackle climate change: understanding the disproportionate impacts on the most vulnerable people and communities, and ensuring that the transition to a green economy is also a just one.

As the world convenes for the UN General Assembly this September, join us to explore the role that business can and must play in partnership with government and civil society to ensure that we rebuild better from the pandemic. Together, we can protect the gains already made, and ensure we accelerate progress towards the equitable and resilient future envisioned in the SDGs.

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