The creative industry at a standstill: a performer's view

A Together Apart Episode



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Performers globally have had their professions put on hold as people across the world remain isolated from social interaction. So what does COVID-19 really mean for an experiential industry built on shared connection?

Watch as OYW Counsellor & Royal Ballet Soloist Fernando Montaño shares his personal experience of dealing with cancelled performances, explains how the arts sector has responded to the pandemic and uncertainty about the future with Ambassador Farhana Muna. 

Is there room for the creative world to innovate amidst the chaos?

Fernando Montano

Fernando Montaño

Ballet dancer. Soloist, The Royal Ballet. Humanitarian

Farhana Muna

Farhana Muna, Bangladesh

Mental Health Advocate & OYW Ambassador

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Date: Friday 24 April

Time: 13:00 BST 

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About the #TogetherApart Speaker Series

We may be physically distancing, but the One Young World Community is coming together to support each other. We’re a global community that works, as one, to highlight the work of inspiring leaders and changemakers. One Young World’s #TogetherApart Series draws on the wisdom, experience and insight of our members, allowing everyone to ask questions, tell stories and share best practice.

One Young World is committed to combating Fake News and so we are connecting our community with experts to help people navigate COVID-19. We are also creating conversations with business leaders and policy professionals to create resources to help everyone mitigate the economic impacts they may be facing. Tune in and join the conversation.

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