How great companies deliver both purpose & profit

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COVID-19 has brought to life the latest surge in anti-capitalism, with people across the world becoming more vocal about crippling income inequality and limited access to essential resources.

We’re joined by One Young World Ambassador Carlotta Giacche and Professor of Finance at London Business School, Alex Edmans, to talk about the timely release of his new book, ‘Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit’.

In this latest episode of #TogetherApart, Alex shares his expert advice for how businesses looking to drive purpose can create both profit and social value - but will companies operating without purpose survive in the post-pandemic world?

Alex Edmans

Alex Edmans

Professor of Finance, London Business School

Author, Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit

Carlotta Giacche

Carlotta Giacche, Italy / Germany

Corporate Banker, Coordinating Ambassador for the UK, sustainable finance advocate

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Date: Wednesday 29 April

Time: 13:00 BST 

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