East Africa Impact Days 2022 - 2023 - Launch Event

east africa impact days

The Social Business community is meeting for the third year from the launch of the “Create a Bright and Greener Future for East Africa Youth” program supported by the YY Foundation and carried out by the organizations around Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus working in the region: the Yunus Centre, the Yunus Social Business, the Grameen Creative Lab and the Yunus Environment Hub to Tackle Youth Unemployment in East Africa Through Social Business in an Environmentally Responsible Way and to support social businesses from ideation to scale up.

We want to bring together like-minded people and pioneers of change in an interdisciplinary way - for an open exchange and learning journey focusing on Zero Unemployment, Zero Poverty, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions and bringing out the best practices. 

The launch event for the East Africa Impact Days will be taking place on April 5th.

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