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West and Central Africa Summit 2024



The summit will be conducted through a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking sessions. Each session will allow for Q&A, enabling participants to engage directly with the speakers and experts.


Session Topics and Speakers:



  • People with disabilities and financial independence: Creating Employment Opportunities for Youth
  • Government and Development Partners: Strategies for Youth Employment
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Exploration and Securement


  • SMEs and Grants: Opportunities for Youth Entrepreneurs
  • Evolving Tech: Utilizing Technology for Youth Employment
  • Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment


  • Agriculture and Export: Driving Youth Employment
  • Social Media Monetization: Turning Followers into Income
  • Vocational Skill Training: Enhancing Employability

Each of these sessions will be followed by panel discussions on the topics as well as Q&A. 20 minutes for each speaker and 10 minutes for Q&A

Unemployment and poverty present significant obstacles to global peace and prosperity, driving mass migration from low-income to high-income nations in search of better opportunities. This migration challenges destination countries in managing security and ensuring opportunities for their citizens. Africa has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment globally. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the youth unemployment rate in Africa stood at around 20% in 2020, nearly three times the global average. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate among all regions, with some countries experiencing rates exceeding 30%.

A significant portion of African youth work in the informal economy, which typically offers low-paying and unstable jobs, lacking security, benefits, and legal protections, thus perpetuating poverty and underemployment. Women face even higher unemployment rates compared to men due to gender disparities in education, cultural norms, and discriminatory practices in the labor market.

To address these issues, the Youth Employment and Empowerment Summit 2024 is a three days summit that aims to address critical issues surrounding youth empowerment, employment, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on practical solutions and innovative approaches, the summit will bring together key stakeholders from government, private sector, academia, and civil society to explore strategies for creating sustainable opportunities for youth.

The summit will also include empowerment training on tech and vocational skills.



  • To understand best practices for securing youth focused scholarships and grants, and how to leverage evolving technologies and vocational skills for improved youth employability and development.
  • To address challenges and opportunities in women entrepreneurship and empowerment.
  • To explore opportunities in various sectors towards promoting youth employment; focusing on agriculture exports, SMEs, and social media monetization as a source of income for youth.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the various opportunities available for youth empowerment.
  • Identification of practical strategies and initiatives to address youth unemployment.
  • Networking opportunities for collaboration and partnership among stakeholders.
  • Actionable insights for policymakers, businesses, and organizations to support youth development.

The Youth Employment and Empowerment Summit 2024 seeks to inspire, educate, and empower young people to take charge of their futures. By harnessing the collective expertise and experiences of our speakers and participants, we aim to pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for youth worldwide.


Date: 19 - 21 July, 2024
Venue: Virtual
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (WAT)