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About MindMapper

MindMapper UK is a digital platform that connects you to hundreds of existing self-help resources including podcasts, videos, articles, and more, that have been tried and approved by young adults for improving your mental health.

How does it work?

  1. Complete our Screening: Our MindMapper Screening has been carefully designed to help us understand what mental health support you might need right now.

  2. Filter through the noise: Our team will then search through hundreds of existing mental health services to find the right match for you.

  3. Check your Inbox: Once our team finds the best matches, we will email you directly. Don't worry, this usually takes less than 5 minutes.

  4. Constant Updates: Our team is searching, testing and approving the best mental health resources out there to bring them straight to you. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our updates here. No Spam. Ever.

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Join the Community

The MindMapper Community is a place for practical, inspiring and meaningful conversations - to learn, grow and challenge our mental health. We don't care about titles or job roles but characters and interests. Our community is for curious minds, self-learners, change-makers and lifelong explorers who want to understand how to live a life full of meaning and purpose without costing your mental health.

Becoming a member is also a way to support all the work that goes into researching and creating hundreds of content, events, courses. A way of maintaining such a large database of content and the worlds largest library of mental health support.

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