Introducing Circle: Become a Contributor


Introducing Circle

Youth Opportunities have launched Circle -- the go-to platform for personal, education, and professional growth for youth across the globe. It is the place for readers and thinkers where the community help each other to grow in their personal, academic and professional life.

You can join the Circle community as a contributor simply by sharing your thoughts with us. Guidelines for contributors:

  • Your piece should be around 600-700 words long and written in bullet-points.
  • Please make sure that the write-up is plagiarism-free and you have the sole ownership of it.
  • We welcome contribution from everyone related to professional development, higher studies, skills development and hacks which you think can help young people fostering their growth. You can also share stories and achievements that will inspire others.

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About Youth Opportunities

Youth Opportunities is an opportunity discovery platform for youths across the globe. The purpose of this platform is to provide opportunities to young people to explore and prepare themselves to face the challenges and excel in their career growth.