Join the Action Accelerator team as a Post Summit Program Lead!

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Will you lead a new program for One Young World to accelerate action?

Our mission is to empower our diverse community of Ambassadors by providing learning opportunities, fostering connections, and bringing visibility to their projects so they may amplify their impact. In alignment with this goal, a Post Summit Program Lead is a member of the Action Accelerator @ One Young World Program Leadership Team.


We are looking to recruit a Program Lead who can work in the following areas:

  • Own and drive forward the program vision
  • Design programming within predefined schedule at Global scale
  • Coordinate & execute plan via OYW Regional Program Leads across the world
  • Stay connected with Leadership Team at key milestones

Background to the Action Accelerator

The Summit is not just a life-changing four-day experience, it marks the start of every attendee’s journey with us. Every leader who attends leaves the Summit as a One Young World Ambassador and a valued member of our global community. This is a lifelong membership to one of the most incredible networks on earth.

Last year, a team of One Young World Ambassadors successfully hosted the pilot Action Accelerator programme for Europe-based delegates who wanted to bring their post-Summit ideas to life. Over the course of six months, 40 selected participants joined an exclusive programme where they accessed experts from a range of sectors, participated in sessions which helped them design and operationalise their initiatives, and were mentored along the way. With the success and energy behind the pilot program, we want to scale it up to make it more accessible to all Delegates & Ambassadors, while also balancing a feeling of accountability and connection.

From this pilot, we recognized three big opportunities to create this balance of scale and accountability/connection. 

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First was that many of the speakers & topics could be scaled to a Global level.

We are thrilled to be launching a new programme that will bring our Global community together on a monthly basis to keep the Summit spirit alive. What unites OYW Ambassadors is a desire to make this world better through ethical, empathetic leadership. So, every month, we will offer Global sessions where Ambassadors, no matter what year they first attended the Summit, can engage with the defining challenges of our time, sharpen their leadership skills, and be inspired by conversations with their peers. 

Every monthly Global session will have a morning and an evening option so we can best accommodate our Ambassadors based across all time zones.

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The second and third big opportunity recognized in the pilot was the need to create accountability & connection, as well as the need to cater to Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs in distinct ways. 

We believe we can address these two opportunities with Regional Small Groups in select regions. Managing Ambassadors will run these Small Groups, with support from Coordinating Ambassadors. The Regional Small Groups will host complimentary sessions to the Global sessions (catering to Intrapreneurs and/or Entrepreneurs), homework, and Mentoring programs to create the accountability, connection, and audience distinction to take the Action Accelerator @ OYW program to the next level.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design the Global program curriculum as a Collaborative Document on Google Drive including session learning objectives, activities, and homework (leveraging virtual tools such as Mural, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Secure speakers for each Global session, with OYW HQ support
  • Design a toolkit to support Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur Small Group programs at the Regional level
  • Design and manage potential application process into Regional programs
  • Hold Regional Program Leads accountable to coordinating Small Group sessions, managing homework, and Mentor support (offer support where needed to ensure implementation)
  • Schedule program meetings and send invites to all relevant stakeholders
  • Report to Leadership Team and foster transparent communication about needs and results at pre-defined cadence
  • Produce and/or support content creation to promote the program track via social media and external communications channels

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Event management experience
  • Programme design and/or community engagement experience
  • Experience using basic virtual connection tools, such as Mural/Miro, and the Google suite 
  • Fluent English speaker

What we're looking for

  • The applicant must be a One Young World Ambassador who has been actively engaged with the OYW community 
  • 2+ years of experience as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, starting & running your own initiative 
  • Strong communication skills, including public speaking
  • Strong project & time management skills 
  • Basic understanding of operating in diverse, global context
  • Impact-driven mindset
  • A collaborative individual who will work reliably with the Leadership Team
  • Able to dedicate anywhere from 1 to 5 hours per week depending on needs 

Benefits for Program Leads

  • Complimentary Digital Summit access (in person Summit access is possible if Intrapreneur Program Leads cover their own travel costs associated with participation)
  • Preferential access to exclusive OYW opportunities [i.e. nominations for speaking opportunities, publishing content on OYW channels, event invitations, etc]
  • Recognition on OYW website for their successful service

The deadline to apply is May 18th with Interviews to take place between June 1st-June 10th. Person in role will start on June 15th.

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If you have any further questions, please contact the Action Accelerator Team: [email protected]