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Join The Youth Compass Project launch on Sunday 6th March at 5pm GMT.

The Youth Compass Project is a free programme of life long investment for you to become your own unique version of Mandela - an elder - someone who Leads, Loves & leaves a Legacy. 

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What is The Youth Compass Project? 


A lot of people go through much of their lives focussing on today, or the short term. They do not lead their lives by beginning with the end in their mind.

An important question to ask ourselves is whether we believe that the end destination of our life is death, or whether we can focus on leaving a legacy beyond our death? To do this they focus on who they are becoming (their character), because it is more important to them than what they are doing (their skills or achievements). Being is more important than Doing, because simply doing, or achieving, cannot last without a solid foundation of Being.


I can't believe that there was only one Nelson Mandela out there.

Kate Robertson, Co-founder of One Young World


The ultimate aim of our lives is that we become elders. There isn’t just one Nelson Mandela.  Every one of us can become our own, unique version of Mandela for the world. Elders are the older, wiser, people in our societies who have been focused on three things: -

1.     Lead: Writing their own life story and not letting someone else write it for them – they lead themselves and others, to become their best selves.

2.     Love: Living a life that is committed to the benefit of others, not just themselves – they commit to love. 

3.     Legacy: They live a life that will outlive them. 

– even if they don’t know exactly what it is, they invest their lives to leave a legacy to benefit others.

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