Join Planet Heroes and become a #PlanetAmbassador!


Are you into activism and ecology, eager to meet new people and work for a good cause? If so, you are the perfect match for us! Meet Planet Heroes platform and work with us to build a global community of people who clean-up the Earth and support others.

What is Planet Heroes?

Planet Heroes is a global crowdfunding platform created by a group of friends in 2019. Our idea is to simple: clean-up the planet. We want people to feel responsible for their neighbourhoods, their villages, forests and fields around. As plastic pollution increases year by year, every Earth inhabitant should act and try to at least clean up the trash from our surroundings. 

Becoming a Planet Hero is simple: when you find a littered area, dirty beach or waste left in the forest, you take a “before” photo, then clean it up. Then take the “after” photo and an additional one with all the rubbish packed and disposed of properly. Then you publish your project on our platform, describe briefly, add photos and… share it with the world! From the moment your project is online, everyone can send you a donation. This way, we create a global community – people who clean up and those who support them, even from different continents.

In March 2019, we took part in Green Startup Marathon organised during UN Science, Policy and Business Forum on the Environment in Nairobi, Kenya. Our project got many praises and drew the attention of UN-Habitat – Waste Wise City Campaign. It also received the support of Samsung Inkubators in November 2019 we’ve finally launched it during UN Science-Policy-Business-Forum Meetings at GEO Week 2019.

Do you want to become our Ambassador and organise clean-ups in your area?

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