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MindMapper UK Launch

Life can be tough. But it's easier to get through with people that just get you. MindMapper UK is a global mental health community for young adults and they are giving out a free month membership to 100 young adults who want to learn how to live mentally healthier lives. Find practical mental health resources that work for you, meet like-minded individuals during community events, learn from industry experts or try a mindfulness session.

Sign up here to claim your free month membership: https://www.mindmapperuk.com/



Own Your Space Chronicles

On Friday 7th May at 6.30pm, we are hosting Own Your Space: An evening packed with industry secrets from community leaders to help you own your mental space, at home, school and work. 

In this edition, we've got: Multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, Bejay Mulenga, sharing insights to help you as an entrepreneur, Financial Consultant and content creator, Mr Money Jar, sharing how you can improve your relationship with money, Incoming Doctor and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, Ally Jaffee, sharing how you can improve your relationship with nutrition, and Award winning campaigner and consultant, Meg Zeenat Wamithi, sharing how you can find support at university. 


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