One Young World Africa • Advancing Creative Industries in Africa


Friday 21 May, 6pm EAT

According to a UNCTAD report which includes sector-level profiles for 130 developed and developing countries, global trade in creative goods is exponentially expanding with average export growth rates of more than 7%. The creative industries, which include advertising, arts and crafts, entertainment, media and software, architecture, fashion have become a vital force in accelerating economic growth. If nurtured, the creative industry will exponentially accelerate job creation, export earnings, human development, cultural diversity, and social inclusion. However, there are myriads of limitations to its growth, issues like access to distribution networks, terms of trade, intellectual property, and copyright.

In this session, we will explore what young people from around the continent can do to make sure we maximize the full benefits of the creative industry.



OC Headshot

OC Ukeje

Lagos-born actor OC Ukeje joined the Nigerian TV and movie scene in 2006 after a reality TV show stint. He started out as a theatre performer in 2001 and later trained at the New York Film Academy, LA (Diploma in Acting, 2009) and the Relativity School, LA (Certificate Program, 2016). Widely recognized as one of Nigeria’s established actors, he has featured in films like Ayanda (South Africa); Half of A Yellow Sun (Nigeria); Gone Too Far (UK); The Arbitration (Nigeria); and Shine Your Eyes (Brazil), to mention a few.

OC is the recipient of several awards and was selected as one of the Rising Stars at TIFF 2016. He is currently based in Canada, making his foray into the territory, and is a graduate of Marine Science from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Rozan headshot

Rozan Ahmed

As a cultural diplomat, communications specialist, strategic advisor & activist, Rozan has shifted perceptions and moved entire markets through a strong belief in the stylistic embrace of 'self'. At 21, she was the youngest appointed editor in British Publishing and a Young Global Leader by the age of 28. Her focus remains on solving world problems through a unique combination of entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and curatorial programming, becoming a role model for young entrepreneurs across the UK, Africa, and Arabia. Rozan is an ambassador, advocate, and champion of CCI - in social change, youth development, mental wellbeing, local creativity as a national priority, and continues to play a pivotal role in shaping what she calls a worldwide 'African renaissance'.

Learn more about her here:

Wubetu headshot

Wubetu Shimelash

Wubetu Shimelash is a social entrepreneur, a conscious filmmaker, an enthusiastic public speaker, and a passionate humanitarian. He is a One Young World Ambassador and was also a speaker at the OYW 2019 London Summit. Wubetu is the Co-founder and CEO of Simien Eco Trek, a company that provides convenient, efficient, and unique tour services in Ethiopia for global tourists while empowering local communities.

He started the company both to offer personalized tour services to visitors and to address various social issues in Ethiopia. So, far, the company has supported more than 11,000 people in Ethiopia addressing the issues of poverty, gender inequality, and lack of educational resources. Through Simien Eco Trek, Wubetu has created job opportunities for 500+ people. The company has supported 2,000+ women with work, awareness training about feminine hygiene, and sustainable sanitary pads. Simien Eco Trek also co-organized “Light and Hope for Ethiopia” providing solar lights to 8,400+ people in the Simien Mountains.

Carol Kagezi headshot

Carol Kagezi

Carol Kagezi is a trained journalist who specializes in mastering the use of words to tell stories in different mediums. Currently, she is the Community Programs Manager at MoTIV, Africa’s first co-creation space dedicated to artisans.


Mary Helda headshot

Mary Helda Akongo

Mary Helda Akongo graduated from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, in 2017, after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She is the Fundi Girls Lead, at Fundi Bots, an organization that is accelerating science learning in Africa. She also volunteers with One Young World as the Coordinating Ambassador for East Africa and leads fourteen East African countries.

Formerly, Mary worked with Zimba Women; a Ugandan organization that finds innovative technological solutions to create sustainable futures for African women as an operations and programs manager. She is a Design Fellow with Design without Borders and is passionate about using human-centered design practices to address complex challenges faced by organizations, businesses, and communities in low and middle-income countries. Mary Helda has received the Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Award and the 25 under 25 Award by the Internet Society for her exceptional work with Zimba Women.


Indira Aliyana Tsengiwe.

Indira Aliyana Tsengiwe.

RSA born entrepreneur Indira Tsengiwe is a finance honours scholar turned entrepreneur. In 2013, Indira founded Youngprenuer Media, a production company dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurial thinking on the African continent.

Using storytelling and strategic thinking to enter new markets, the business blossomed to reach 18 million youth across 13 African countries. At BlueAvo, Indira is focused on sales, new market strategy and delivering a solution that caters to the needs of the media industry.

Other accomplishments include - Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance Member; Mandela Washington Fellow; Google Digital Skills Mentor; Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Mentor; SAFTA nominated television producer.

If you have any questions, please email Mary via [email protected].