OYW Africa: Students as Drivers of Change

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Time & Date: Wednesday 30 September, 3pm (EAT)

Today, the world is experiencing vast global challenges, from climate change and economic uncertainty, to poverty and corruption. Students need to be empowered to become effective and responsible leaders who are not afraid to shake up systems and fight for what's right for them, their communities, and the planet. 

In this event, we shall explore ways in which educators can empower young people to create change in their communities. We will also inspire students to become agents of sustainable change.

This event is open to educators, students, and anyone working in the education space.



Any questions? Please email Mary via [email protected].


Ajwok Mary Valentino


Mary is a One Young World Ambassador and represented Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI) at the One Young World 2018 Summit. At WPDI, Mary is a peace ambassador and volunteers at Kiryandongo refugee settlement camp where she teaches peacekeeping and conflict resolution. Mary is currently enrolled at the Institute for Economics and Peace in New York as part of the IEP Ambassador programme and was invited as a Peace Ambassador at the UNYOKE Foundation, South Africa.

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Bryan Chesoli


Bryan has knowledge in education and youth programmes; transformational leadership experience and is committed to making positive change and value addition using the knowledge and skills gained from his professional and academic work. He has pioneered a student consultants organisation, Youth LITE Kenya, engaging hundred of young people in active citizenship.

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Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo


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Rosebella Nsita


Rosebella currently serves as the Careers and Skills Lead at Fundi Bots an organization that is accelerating science learning in Africa. Rosebella is the former Director Pro temp at S7 Project One, a youth capacity building project whose mission was to help young people unlock their professional potential. As a life skills instructor, over the years she has interacted and guided over 5000 young people as they explore life and their passions.




Wubetu Shimelash


Wubetu Shimelash is a social entrepreneur, a conscious filmmaker, an enthusiastic public speaker, and a passionate humanitarian. He is a One Young World Ambassador and was also one of the One Young World 2019 London Summit Delegate Speakers. Wubetu is the co-founder and CEO of Simien Eco Trek, a company that provides convenient, efficient, and unique tour services in Ethiopia for global tourists while empowering local communities.