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29 August

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One Young World Shine a Light Ambassador series highlights the work of Ambassadors in different countries on a particular SDG to bring together young people working towards a common goal, show the work Ambassadors are undertaking and connect young people across different regions.

The panel series takes place once a month and features up to 5 Ambassadors presenting for up to 10 minutes each on their work on one Sustainable Development (SDG). Each panel event shines a light on a specific SDG and what young people globally are doing to take action on those SDGs in their community or regionally. 

Upcoming event information:

Date: 18th July 2020

Time: Dhaka - 1pm; Singapore -3pm; Tokyo - 4pm; Sydney - 5pm; Apia - 8pm

Theme: Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Good health and wellbeing




Diana Nazemian-Pour


Diana is a passionate pharmacist and medical leader on a mission to improve patient outcomes. She leads the commercialisation strategy for Early Assets, champions enterprise process to manage the pipeline, including driving critical thinking and strategic decision making to provide recommendations on early assets to the Australian leadership team.

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Annette Garae


Annette is a Medical Doctor based in Vanuatu. She is currently completing a Masters in Paediatrics through the University of Papua New Guinea and loves working with children because she believes the influence we have on children now will impact them and their future.

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Radhika Batra


Radhika is the Founder and President of Every Infant Matters who are on a mission to serve disadvantaged women and children by providing last-mile health solutions. Their biggest project is that of preventing blindness by dispensing Vitamin A to marginalised children. They believe in justice and inclusion, and work towards promoting gender equality. Every Infant Matters was a featured project in the OYW 2019 Annual Impact Report.

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Mayuri Suzuki


Mayuri is a sophomore in the facility of nursing and aims to make a stronger interaction between health and society. She also represents a student organisation aiming for improved global health, whose motto is to act as if there is a world that can be saved by their action.

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Fadila "Dila" Nur-aini


Dila's impact is around mothers and children health providing both curative care as well as the promotive and preventive program. In curative care, she is helping the mothers during their motherhood journey from pregnancy, birth, postnatal and newborn. In the promotive and preventive program, she is providing community empowerment by training local midwives, health cadres and motherhood classes.

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Event organisers:

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Kate Crowhurst

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Seutatia Vaai

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Sinchita Dutta Roy

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Tsuyoshi Domoto

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Jonathan Chu

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Em-Em Parra

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If you have any questions, please email Kate via [email protected].