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Join us June 29th and 30th for One Young World's 2022 Switzerland Caucus in Uzwil. The theme for this years Caucus is business today for a brighter tomorrow

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Speakers Confirmed


Kate Robertson

Co-Founder of One Young World

Her work focuses on identifying and bringing together the brightest young talents in the annual One Young World Summits to create a community of young future leaders. 

She is a firm believer that the way forward in tackling the global challenges such as climate change, poverty, hunger, and equality lies in the hands of a strong network of young professionals, politicians and students. 


Stefan Scheiber

CEO of Bühler

Stefan Scheiber is the CEO of Bühler who started as a management trainee and has spent more than 30 years with Bühler in different functions. He is incredibly passionate about empowering young leaders, and leading a company with true values of Trust, Ownership and Passion. 


Pascal Jenny

President of Arosa Tourism 

Pascal Jenny is a former professional handball player and captain of the Swiss national handball team. In June 2008, Pascal was appointed Tourism Director in Arosa. Since then, Pascal has been shaping Arosa to become tourism pioneers in the Alpine region shaping sustainable tourism. The Swiss Business Magazine “Bilanz” counts Pascal as one of the 100 most important people in Switzerland’s economy due to his Innovation and implementation strength. In the last 12 years the tourism revenue in the region increased threefold to over 750 mCHF.


Suzi LeVine

Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Suzi LeVine is the former US ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein and a senior executive with over 25 years of experience leading global organizations across governments, corporate, and non-profit sectors. Most recently, she was the Acting Assistant Secretary for the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and is currently a board director for Publicis Groupe, an advisory board member for OpenClassrooms, and serves on several non-profit boards focusing on apprenticeship, workforce, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Izzy Obeng

Founder and CEO of Foundervine

Izzy Obeng is the founder and CEO of Foundervine and sits as a non-executive director for Traverse and Capital Enterprise, but first and foremost she is an entrepreneur and business coach. At Foundervine, Izzy leads a consultancy for creating systemic change in entrepreneurship, launching accelerators in the UK that support early-stage companies, providing entrepreneurs from under-represented communities with mentorship, training and access to capital. By 2022, Foundervine has helped over 5’000 leaders to build new skills and supported over 300 businesses to scale and raise new capital.


Sarah Perreard

Stakeholder Engagement Lead & Senior Sustainability Expert for Environmental Action

Sarah Perreard is a connector at heart who has spent the past 15 years advocating for cross-sector collaboration, first in the corporate world, then NGOs and now through the consultancy, EA Environmental Action. With a background in business management and a brain wired for system rethinking, for the last 8 years Sarah has been specifically focused on plastic pollution reduction alongside organizations like UNEP, IUCN, WWF, WBCSD, WEF and various governments, and supports industry in the transition towards circularity. At EA, Sarah leads stakeholder engagement efforts and ensures projects are scoped for maximum intersectional impact on climate, biodiversity, and people.


Loula Merkel

Chief Business Officer of Comet Bio

Loula Merkel is the Chief Business Officer of Comet Bio, a transformational brand that is dedicated to supply naturally better ingredients that make it easy for people to eat healthier and have a positive impact on the planet. Loula has over 20 years of experience in agribusiness and the energy industry. She used to work as the Director of Project Development at Coskata, responsible for the development and financing commercial projects. Before working at Coskata, she served clients at McKinsey & Co. at the intersection between chemicals and agribusiness industries for 8 years.


Diane Holdorf

Executive Vice President at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva, Switzerland

Diane Holdorf is the Executive Vice President at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva, Switzerland. Diane’s work focuses on the Pathways as part of the WBCSD’s strategy, leading business efforts to accelerate collaborative solutions in food and agriculture, energy, products and materials, mobility and built environment, health and wellbeing. Among many other awards, Diane was selected as one of the 25 “Badass Women” shaping climate action by GreenBiz in 2022. 


Caroline Omondi

Founder and CEO of Food do Good

Caroline Omondo is very passionate about the agrifood sector, she has a mission to continue building sustainable, equitable and profitable value chains that improve the quality of people’s lives. She has more than 15 years of experience in the food industry and has been at the forefront of developing and implementing operational business processes to achieve growth and deliver profitability. Caroline is the founder and CEO of “Food do Good”, a consulting and advisory firm serving different organizations to develop reliable, sustainable, and profitable food supply chains to access global markets.


Andrea Orsag

Co-Founder of MissionC

Andrea Orsag is the co-founder of MissionC, a strategy advisory on a mission to accelerate the transition to circular economy. Andrea’s work as a speaker, guest lecturer, moderator and facilitator focuses on topics related to circular economy, sustainability, purpose and impact. She was also featured in a book called “We have a dream”, linking stories from all around the world to SDGs to inspire children and young people.


Renée LaPlante

Founder and Director of Decarbonista

Renée LaPlante is the founder and director of Decarbonista, a social impact project with the mission to reduce the world’s carbon emissions swiftly through data-driven, high impact personal actions. She is a culture strategy and people performance leader who after a decade at Google decided to face humanity’s biggest challenges. Renée guides future-necessary organizations to co-create intentional, inclusive cultures and align incentives and behaviors with their goals through transformative change management.



Tom Crowther

Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich and Founder of Crowther Lab

Tom Crowther is an assistant Professor in the department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich where he founded the Crowther Lab. His work in the Crowther Lab revolves around studying global ecosystems to facilitate local efforts that protect, restore and manage biodiversity around the world. Tom also serves as a co-chair of the advisory board of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and founded Restor, an online platform that provides ecological insights, transparency and connectivity to thousands of local conservation and restoration efforts across the globe.


Matt Lashmar

Managing Director of MassChallenge Switzerland

Matt Lashmar is the Managing Director of MassChallenge Switzerland. He is an accomplished and growth focused leader, who cuts through complexity bringing focus on what matters. For one, Matt is shaping the MassChallenge experience to be the best possible for startups and then also coaching startup founders. He is a qualified coach and his specialist subject is “helping entrepreneurs and CEOs stay sane."


Jess Jones

Managing Director of One Young World Switzerland

Jessica Jones is the newly appointed Managing Director of One Young World Switzerland. She is incredibly passionate about engaging youth and giving them ownership, so that we can support them in their professional and personal development, and shape the future together. With a background in engineering and project management, she also works as a sustainability manager and is a strong supporter of our ‘It starts with me’ program. 


Nana Antwi Owusu-Ansah

Corporate Partner Volunteer Engager with Partners in Food Solutions

Nana Antwi Owusu-Ansah is a Ghanaian based advocate for children’s health and education and food safety in Africa. He currently works as a Corporate Partner Volunteer Engager with Partners in Food Solutions headquartered in Minneapolis, USA to engage corporate partners in a variety of services to help local food processing companies in Africa. He studied Economics in Russia and is currently studying for an MBA. Nana is very passionate about helping eradicate child poverty and hopes that one day every child that is born is well catered for and lacks no basic needs.


Josephine Herzig

Co-Director of Engagement Programs at B Lab Switzerland

Josephine Herzig is the Co-Director of Engagement Programs at B Lab Switzerland, a global movement to use business as a force for good. Josephine has a long-standing experience in leveraging the potential of business to drive a sustainable and resilient economy – from driving a “One Planet” mentality to making sustainable innovation the default option.


Alessandra Rojas

Head of Tech4Impact at the Enterprise for Society Center of EPFL, University of Lausanne and IMD

Alessandra is the Head of Tech4Impact at the Enterprise for Society Center of EPFL, University of Lausanne and IMD, driving the development of sustainability- and innovation driven ecosystems through tech, science and business. Her experience extends to the fields of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, working in the development sector at the United Nations, on impact investing in the DACH region and as a consultant for different social businesses in both Europe and Latin America. In addition to her work, she runs her own civic tech organization in Peru that develops digital products to democratize access to public information. Alessandra has a background in International Development, Management and Technology from Graduate Institute of Geneva and the Technical University of Munich.


Simeon Max

Environmental Impact Officer at Restor

Simeon Max knows the ins and outs of ecosystem restoration for climate and biodiversity. He is a forest scientist (M.Sc.) and has been working in the restoration and conservation sector for more than 10 years. He has been working with NGOs and timber businesses in all tropical parts of the world. At international conferences, he has represented the grassroots perspective of local communities. He is the Environmental Impact Officer at Restor, where he is focused on building a global community of restoration actors.


Philippa Dengler

Managing Owner of Conscha GmbH

Philippa Dengler is on a mission to create inclusive workplaces in which more people can lead more fulfilling working lives for longer. With her company, Conscha (Conscious Change) GmbH, she partners with her network and her clients to enable agile, self-organized ways of working, develop inclusive leadership skills, and build diverse teams. With her EmployAgility® Framework, Philippa works with organizations to truly empower people to build and maintain the skills they need to remain employ-agile. She draws on 25 years of international business experience as an employee, leader and consultant, an MSc in Business & Economic Psychology, her own research on lifelong employability, and the energy she gets from creating value with others and having fun along the way. For more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippa-dengler/ or www.conscha.ch


Mary Olwal

CFO of the Grains & Food Business at Bühler

Mary is a finance professional with great passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and people. Currently, she is the CFO of the Grains & Food Business at Bühler. She is on a mission, and in Maya Angelou’s words: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style." As she pursues this mission, she wants to engage and exchange with people and try to make a positive impact on their  lives even if it’s just putting a smile on their faces – the small things add up!

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