Plastic Heroes: How to clean up our Planet • Webinar


Wednesday 12 March 2021, 5pm UTC

Environmental pollution is one of the greatest threats to nature on Earth as it harms all living organisms — from microbes to plants, animals and humans.

9 billion tons of plastic have been made since 1950. Trash is everywhere now, even though you may not see it in media daily coverage. It became a part of our landscape. 79% of plastic waste has built up in landfills or ended up elsewhere in the environment. But what can we all do to stop it? We don't want to sit back and wait - that is why we created Planet Heroes!

Planet Heroes is a global crowdfunding platform created in Poland for everyone who wants to clean-up and shares the effects of work with the community. It gives the opportunity to help anyone: those who want to support other's clean-up projects or publish their own's eco-activities. During the webinar, we will go through the beginning of the platform, how it works and the global ambassador programme, which we are developing now. Let's change the world together!

Note: This webinar will be hosted in English.

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