Is this the point of no return? Why climate action is still needed

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Thursday 15 October, 4pm EST

We will soon face a 'climate apartheid' as UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston, UN would say. Extreme weather events and sea level rises are devastating developed and developing economies alike, but how they recover from the damaging effects will deepen our world's divides. Poorer countries, who generated just 10% of the world's carbon emissions will bear 75% of the costs paying for it. This cannot go on.

Join us as we discuss how we can take climate action on an individual, corporate and government level.


Kehkashan Basu headshot


Kehkashan Basu

Founder-President of Green Hope Foundation | United Nations Human Rights Champion | Int'l Children's Peace Prize Winner


Katie Blum headshot


Katie Blum

One Young World Ambassador | Climate Change Strategy & Disclosure | FSA Credential Level II Candidate


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Kelcie Miller-Anderson

Social Entrepreneur + Innovator + Environmental Scientist NEXT 36 + LOI Batch 3 + OYW Audi Scholar


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Tianna Philippot

Environmental Engineering | Terry Fox Humanitarian Scholar


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