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About Positive Stories

Positive Stories is a digital storytelling platform that showcases the life and aspirations of changemakers around the world. Our unique solution collects world audio and written stories through an online chatbot available on social message platforms.

Every single citizen around the world has a story to share, a role to play, and the power to take action. We want to raise awareness about the work you are carrying out as well as the impact it has on your community. We offer you and your peers the unique opportunity to leverage the power of your story through a global initiative. Positive Stories raise awareness about local realities helping individuals to have their stories heard by the world. Our solution is available for anyone in the world willing to share his needs, aspirations, and solutions. Anyone who has a phone and an internet connection can contribute. All the contributions received are then displayed on our platform, shared, and promoted through our podcast and social media. We are building a community of changemakers inspiring the world to act for sustainable development.

About the Opportunity

Visit our website to discover the initiative and contribute with an audio or text recording. We invite you to spread the word around you and invite your communities to also share local experiences.

The Positive Stories initiative has been supported by the UN SDG Action Campaign as an innovative solution helping the world to advance the most pressing challenges of our time. We launched the platform last July and will now collect stories for the months to come. Join us and help us spot the positive! If you are interested in becoming a partner, email us at [email protected].

The time for negative narratives is over. Positive Stories have the power. 

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